It's Obvious Why the Media Is Silent Over a Lefty Mob Assaulting a Reporter in DC Last Weekend

Posted: Jun 30, 2020 1:44 AM

Our own Julio Rosas has been in the thick of it. He covered the riots in Minneapolis, the far-left seizing portions of Seattle, and the DC protests over statues. He saw the chaos on the ground. He’s also covered Antifa rallies before and he knows that reporting on these violent left-wing goons could lead to some very serious situations, especially if they recognize you. For One America News’ Jack Posobiec he quickly learned about the dangers of reporting on the far left. He was streaming the protest near Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, covering it when the lefty mob descended upon him about 40 minutes into his broadcast on Periscope. Water was hurled at him and a very tense situation looked like it was going to boil over. This incident occurred over the weekend (via Washington Times):

Mr. Posobiec, who has caught President Trump’s attention several times, was at the scene of a protest taking place on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., when the incident unfolded.

Protesters were rallying near the Emancipation Monument, a controversial statue depicting Abraham Lincoln standing over a former slave, prior to confronting the OAN correspondent.


Video of the encounter caught Mr. Posobiec being shoved and soaked with the contents of a water bottle prior to being essentially run out of the park. A plainclothes security guard escorted him while several people followed them to a nearby street where the confrontation continued.


The incident ended roughly 13 minutes after escalating with Mr. Posobiec being escorted away from the protesters in a police vehicle.

Mr. Posobiec, 34, blamed the incident on Antifa, or anti-fascist activists, and alleged that he was assaulted and would accordingly be filing reports with the police.

“I peacefully attended the protest to cover the event, and a mob of violent Antifa tried to push me down the Lincoln Park stairs onto the concrete,” he told Mediaite.

Oh, and that private society team that extracted him from that situation was compliments of Fox News’ Kevin Corke who saw what was happening and decided to get Jack out of there before things got out of hand. Posobiec thanked Corke in a tweet following the altercation. 

Yet, it’s no shock as to why this got zero attention. First, Posobiec works for OAN, a network that has been very critical of Black Lives Matter. Second, he’s no liberal. And third, he has been caught peddling some conspiracy theories. Yeah, because the liberal media has never done that before—ever. They never ran with a baseless story that the Kremlin and the Trump campaign colluded to win an election, or that Melania Trump was dead and replaced with a body double, or that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is hiding coronavirus data. Oh, wait—they have peddled this nonsense, but that’s beside the point. This story is being ignored Posobiec is not one of them. He’s not a member of the liberal media, so when he was assaulted trying to cover these protests, there is no uniform condemnation. It’s not shocking at all. I don’t know if that’s more concerning than the actual assault. If liberals get roughed up, it’s a total assault on the press. Let’s take an even softer example. When Trump calls the media fake news or enemies of the people, the entire liberal media establishment says these remarks are akin to Stalinist Russia. Right, and the people who assault Posobiec, who are communists and want to enact Stalinist measures against those with whom they disagree, get a pass. Once again, the Left and Right are governed by two separate rules. It’s nonsense. And it's not the first time. Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa at a Portland event in 2019.

Last Note: Good on Kevin Corke for getting Jack out of that situation. Corke was also commended by others on social media for giving assistance.