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AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

We spoke about the various tv personalities, former government officials, and reporters who have been forced out of their positions, or have been targeted by the left-wing mob, for criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s quite extensive. For some folks, it was merely criticizing the fact that some of their rallies weren’t abiding by social distancing protocols. That’s it. That’s how fragile these progressives are; a simple ‘hey, this isn’t COVID safe’ can get you canceled. Of course, as the unrest over the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis subsides, the liberal media is now trying to get the coronavirus panic going again after being silent about it as people took to the streets to riot.  


Forget everything about the virus, it’s become abundantly clear that no one cares, not even the media. Everyone could see through the nonsense during Floyd. Before, it was selfish of us to want to reopen businesses in states not hard hit by this virus. Then, we were shamed for not going outside to protest the George Floyd incident. And now we’re back to harping on supposed COVID spikes in red states or something. No one cares. The experts have been exposed for being 'woke' operatives in all of this. Re-opening businesses are bad but protesting in large numbers in support of liberal causes is good. My eyes can’t roll any harder. The lockdown is over. Floyd proved that, but back to the cancel crowd.

Professor William Jacobson is a law professor at Cornell who has operated the Legal Insurrection blog for years. It’s conservative, but a great place to catch up on the issues of the day. Yet, Professor Jacobson has now been targeted for termination at the school for his criticism of BLM. He noted the effort was coordinated and that the toxic culture that has tragically overtaken the campus. Professor Jacobson is resigned to the fact that there will be more voices calling for his firing in the coming days because that’s the Left. There is no choice. There is no differing view. Remember silence is violence and words can be violent. That’s how these left-wing clowns smother dissenting voices, especially within their ranks. It’s a well-oiled machine; it cannot have more moderate voices within its structures mucking things up. And by moderate voices, I mean, folks who are probably still hardcore liberals but are not into these tactics that is nothing short of an intellectual lynch mob (via Legal Insurrection):


There is an effort underway to get me fired at Cornell Law School, where I’ve worked since November 2007, or if not fired, at least denounced publicly by the school.


For over 12 years, the Cornell cat did not pounce. Though there were frequent and aggressive attempts by outsiders to get me fired, including threats and harassment, it always came from off campus.

I made great efforts to keep this website separate from my work. I did not write about Cornell that frequently, and rarely about the law school itself. Nonetheless, the website and my political views were the elephant in every room, because the website is widely read, particularly by non-liberal students. Over the years, many students approached me privately and behind closed doors to express gratitude that someone was able to speak up, because they remained politically silent out of fear of social ostracization with the related possible career damage from falsely being accused of one of the “-ists” or “-isms.”

Not until now, to the best of my knowledge, has there been an effort from inside the Cornell community to get me fired.

The impetus for the effort was two posts I wrote at Legal Insurrection regarding the history and tactics of the Black Lives Matter Movement…


From Saturday, June 6, through Monday, June 8, over 15 emails from CLS alumni were received by the Dean of the law school, demanding that action be taken against me ranging from an institutional statement denouncing me to firing. I don’t know whether and to what extent that number has increased since Monday. The Dean properly has defended my writings as protected within my academic freedom, although he strongly disagrees with my views.

The effort appears coordinated, as some of the emails were in a template form. All of the emails as of Monday were from graduates within the past 10 years.

Only one of the emails was shared with me, with names removed, on the condition that I not post it or quote from it. I am permitted to characterize the complaint: My views are not consistent with the law school Dean’s public statement on police violence and my writings were hurtful and divisive, and the person could not understand why I am still on the faculty. [As an aside, my writings are consistent with the Dean’s statement, but that’s another matter.]

My clinical faculty colleagues, apparently in consultation with the Black Law Students Association, drafted and then published in the Cornell Sun on June 9 a letter denouncing “commentators, some of them attached to Ivy League Institutions, who are leading a smear campaign against Black Lives Matter.” While I am not mentioned by name, based on what I’ve seen BLSA and possibly others were told it was about me. The letter is absurd name-calling, distorting and even misquoting my writings, to the extent it purports to be about me. According to a document I’ve seen, the letter was shared with these students before it was published in the Cornell Sun.

None of the 21 signatories, some of whom I’d worked closely with for over a decade and who I considered friends, had the common decency to approach me with any concerns. Instead they ran to the Cornell Sun while virtue signaling to students behind the scenes that this was a denunciation of me. Such is the political environment we live in now at CLS.


Open inquiry and debate are core features of a vibrant intellectual community. This has been the way Cornell Law School operated for the 12 years I’ve been here, until now. In this toxic political environment in which intellectual diversity and differences of opinion are not tolerated, trying to shut down debate through false accusations of racism seems to be the preferred tactic.


This is abysmal, but not all that shocking given who the woke legions have unleashed hell and established a quasi-invisible empire within academia. And this factory has churned out these unhinged creatures in droves. They’re getting jobs in media, the sciences, and elsewhere—slowly poisoning these institutions, which were already liberal hell holes. Then again, at least some of these liberal-dominated institutions accepted and protected free speech. These ghouls don’t as evidence by the meltdown at The New York Times over Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) op-ed about using the military to restore law and order. Cotton’s words put black lives at risk—that was the war cry. The Times’ reporters revolted and won. Even ardent liberals who deviate on just one thing are guillotined by this roving band of woke road warriors. The mob that rioted in the streets may be dying down, but the woke mob isn’t going away. And it appears they’re stronger than ever. 

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