Did You Catch What CNN Missed as They Return to Their Coronavirus Panic Coverage?

Posted: Jun 11, 2020 5:45 PM
Did You Catch What CNN Missed as They Return to Their Coronavirus Panic Coverage?

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

On May 25, there was an officer-involved death in Minneapolis. George Floyd died when Officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on the back of his neck, while handcuffed, for nearly ten minutes. Chauvin and the four other officers involved in the arrest were fired. Chauvin slapped with a second-degree murder charge, while the three other officers were booked on aiding and abetting second-degree murder. Floyd was arrested under suspicion of using fake currency. The Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and anarchist crowd mobilized and created mayhem across the country. Peaceful protests are one thing, but rioting is another. Minneapolis burned, the Big Apple was total mayhem, and scores of businesses were looted, vandalized, and burned to the ground. For a solid week, chaos reigned when the sun went down. 

And through it all, there was the liberal media excusing or defending the rioters. The medical experts who had told us to stay inside now said get outside and protest. It’s just classic. You can’t protest to reopen your state. That makes you a selfish bastard. Then, it became ‘silence is violence’ get out there, stop being selfish, and protest (or riot). Racism is just as bad as COVID-19, they said. Get outside in solidarity, they said. And now, we’re back to ‘there’s a coronavirus pandemic, everyone back inside.’ Nope. It’s over. The lockdowns are over. Sure, they’ll be spikes in new cases. I don’t care. It’s becoming increasingly clear that some of us overreacted (*raises hand*). The virus doesn’t spread easily on surfaces, and then to cap it all off—asymptomatic don’t spread the virus, which was reversed by the World Health Organization a day later. They don’t know anything. Nothing. And we’ve been had. The CDC study on the mortality rate showed it was less deadly than the seasonal flu. This back-and-forth and explicit hypocrisy during the George Floyd unrest showed killed the credibility of the experts. Yeah, COVID is still here—go outside anyway. There is no way these clowns can sell another lockdown after the Floyd unrest, but CNN was there peddling their panic porn over this virus. We’re all done. The 45 million Americans out of work—they’re done. Also, like clockwork, CNN did not mention that future spikes of the virus are probably going to be directly linked to the mass protests. That will be suffocated with a pillow, however  (via Newsbusters) [emphasis mine]:

Host Wolf Blitzer led the way, lobbying for a return to draconian, indefinite lockdowns, fretting that the rising cases and Harvard projection of another 100,000 deaths by September was “so, so, so disturbing,” “very disturbing,” “grim,” and a sign that “a lot of people out there apparently think it's over.” Of course, Blitzer had nothing for the protests.

In the 5:00 p.m. Eastern hour, Blitzer went from touting the massive protests to complaining to correspondent Nick Watt the Harvard’s claim was “a grim new projection.”


Nothing about the tens of thousands of protesters in American cities, large and small, disobeying many (if not all) of the demands CNN had leveled for months. And on NASCAR, Watt misled views (as national correspondent Erica Hill would in the next hour) because this weekend’s Cup race at Homestead-Miami Speedway will feature only 1,000 invited South Florida servicemembers spaced out over the track’s 46,000 seats.

In the next segment, Blitzer brought back Dr. Leana Wen for more fear-mongering and, as NewsBusters has previously documented, he refused to note her former post running Planned Parenthood.

Blitzer invoked the 100,000 deaths as “clearly a shocking number” to then shame Americas for “continuing to reopen big time.” Wen concurred, making no mention of the protests and instead attacking governors for “re-opening despite seeing an increase in the number of cases” and making the next few months “worse.”

Yeah, maybe—maybe not. We’re all finished, folks. The experts decided to blow themselves up supporting these protests, saying that racism is a health issue of similar concern—it is not—and now we’re just going to go back inside. Hell no. No one should. Go outside, shop, and do whatever because, in essence, that’s what we were told we could do for the past week until the demonstrations died down in most of the country. Now, that the Dow Jones dropped 1,800 points, the media is reloading their previous COVID attacks to trash Trump and the markets. Hold fast and go outside.