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AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

The UK-based Free Speech Union had an excellent thread on Twitter listing the staggering number of people who were forced to resign or are facing calls for termination for criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. For one reporter, he got targeted for noting the lack of social distancing at a BLM rally in Wales. From academia to MTV, the Free Speech Union said there is an "alarming" amount of folks losing their jobs for exercising their free speech rights.


We all saw the massive meltdown at The New York Times over an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who argued that the military should be deployed to re-establish law and order in the wake of the rioting that ensued after the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. The paper's woke legion of reporters revolted, saying the op-ed put black lives in danger. The paper twisted itself into a pretzel, finally denouncing the column, but not before being called out for creating a fraudulent standard from which they could argue that Cotton's piece didn't fit their standards. It was never about that. The Opinion Page editor was eventually forced to resign. At the Philadelphia Inquirer, Stan Wischnowski, a top editor who helped improve diversity in the newsroom and guided the paper to win a Pulitzer Prize for their series on school violence in Philly, was scalped by the left-wing mob for running a column with the headline "Buildings Matter, Too."

Free speech is violence to the far Left. Their goal is total domination, and they cannot accomplish that with differing opinions and views cutting through their trash ideas like Swiss cheese. Everyone who doesn't think like them must be muzzled. They don't want apologies. The Left never wants an apology from their targeted victims. They want to destroy them.

Hey, Drew Brees, did you hear that? The Super Bowl champion and future Hall of Fame QB for the New Orleans Saints was dragged for daring to say no one should disrespect the American Flag. If you want more of this authoritarian dystopia, vote for Democrats. This is what we'll see wholesale if we allow these woke wingnuts into positions of power. They already dominate some of the most prominent cultural bastions and fields of study, causing chaos. Imagine these folks in the Oval Office influencing policy. The Left-wing mob has grown and become more insane since 2016. Dark times are ahead for basic rights if the Left is in charge.


Here are some of the scalps they've taken from those who dared to offer a differing opinion on BLM. Some of the most unhinged are, of course, on college campuses where one professor is being threatened for not canceling an exam in the wake of the Floyd unrest:


Whenever there's a list of stupid things liberals are doing, it seems Paul Krugman is always involved.

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