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Well, it’s time to play the Left’s favorite game: voter suppression. The Peach State had its primaries today and there were issues. The lines were insanely long, machines were conking out, and it was an overall mess. Who’s to blame? Well, it’s racism of course. This feeds into the liberal fantasy that Georgia suppresses the vote and that Stacey Abrams really won the 2018 gubernatorial election. She didn’t. She lost it by over 54,000 votes. And that’s where CNN’s Chris Cuomo went last night. 


In a segment with Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, Cuomo had his perfectly arranged Democratic talking points ready to go until Sterling shredded the CNN host with fact. The coronavirus outbreak prevented some polling locations from opening. As for the troubles in the more Democratic counties, well, that’s a Democratic Party problem, as they control the election boards and their respective staffs. Sterling made a meal of Cuomo’s failed attack lines, and Newsbusters was there to watch the wreckage:

Georgia’s primary election hit a few snags Tuesday as compounding complications (coronavirus, new machines, and problem counties) caused long lines and delays. Of course, the liberal media reacted by crying racism and voter suppression. But, in a schooling reminiscent of when he got embarrassed by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo got utterly demolished by Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, who at one point told him that “you're just incorrect.”

Fredo began the segment by lashing out at President Trump for opposing mail-in voting. “Here is the tragedy of the travesty that the President has created on this issue: We have real voter suppression concerns. One is playing out now. Proof,” he opined as he played a video of the long lines. “This is the only type of widespread voter fraud we will ever see.”


Cuomo’s research team left him ill-prepared for the fact bombs Sterling was about to drop. “Well, the reality of what you're seeing in Georgia today is a function of the COVID situation in large part,” Sterling began. He went on to explain that the state had lost many polling places as locations such as churches and VFW halls opted out of hosting.

Pointing to Fulton County, which “collapsed many of those locations into mega precincts,” Sterling said state election officials told them “this is not a good idea, you need to find other alternative locations,” but they didn’t listen.


Sterling then told him off: “In those counties where people tend to vote Democrats, are run by Democrats, and they're the ones that set the elections boards, they’re the ones who hire the staff.”

On top of that, Sterling schooled Cuomo on the fact that Fulton County has had a long history of flouting election rules. “We have been saying for years there's problems in Fulton. Fulton County has paid hundreds of thousands of fines for violating election rules. It has repeatedly, over and over again. You can go back and look.”

Kind of like how Cuomo flouted quarantine rules.


Cuomo later tried to say that he was just trying to say it looked bad; he wasn’t trying to hurl animus or something. Yeah, that or it could be your entire offensive was just trashed and outflanked time and again. 


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