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Popcorn: Richard Grenell Slaps Down Politico for Peddling Fake News About His Supposed New Job

AP Photo/Michael Sohn

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell did his job. He exposed a lot of the dirty tricks Democrats and other members of the deep state have tried to keep hidden from the public concerning the surveillance operation against the Trump campaign. The Trump-Russia collusion hoax was exposed even further under Grenell, who served as Ambassador to Germany prior to his brief stint as acting DNI. John Ratcliffe has now taken his spot full-term and Grenell is now off to work for the Trump campaign, says Politico. Except that he’s not. I mean it’s been denied by Grenell and Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. It isn’t happening and both men slapped down the article as another piece of fake news (via Fox News):


Former acting DNI Richard Grenell slammed Politico on Tuesday over its report that he was joining the Trump campaign, calling it "fake news."

Politico ran a story claiming that Grenell was aiding President Trump's re-election team, specifically in "fundraising and strategy." The reporting was cited by "two people familiar with the matter."

However, after the story was published, Grenell flatly denied Politico's reporting.

"Fake news. Do you even check before writing? What has happened to Washington DC media?!" Grenell reacted to a now-deleted tweet from the Politico reporter who had shared the story.

Following Grenell's tweet, Politico updated its report with his response and reiterated that he "hadn't responded to a request for comment" prior to publication. No editor's note or correction was made.


Apparently, Politico has some anonymous source that they’re really trusting, which Grenell said is totally insane. 

“Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?” tweeted Grenell.

 In a perfect world, Grenell would be our next FBI director and take a baseball bat to the roof of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, clean it up, and excise the cancers that have tarnished the reputation of the nation’s preeminent law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency, but we can’t always get what we want. The FBI needs a deep clean—a total purge frankly. After what happened to Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and company—the entire DOJ needs to be bleached of the anti-Trump rot that still infests its halls. These people tried to pull a quasi-coup, with discussions about invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump. They went off the rails in trying to destroy a man, Flynn, based on no evidence of Russian collusion, but rather the words of Barack Obama. That would be a job I would hope Grenell would accept if nominated, but that’s not a possibility. 


But for now, one thing is for sure—he’s not jumping onto the Trump 2020 ship. 

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