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Liberal Journalist Calls Out Anti-Trumpers For Missing This Key Part of the Whole Michael Flynn Fiasco

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

You may not agree with everything reporter Michael Tracey publishes. In fact, you might roll your eyes at the vast majority of it. He’s a progressive, but worthy of a follow since he’s unafraid to go after the establishments in both parties. And he has been unafraid and persistent in shredding the Trump-Russia collusion myth. He’s called out colleagues in the media who have peddled this manufactured conspiracy for nearly three years. He was skeptical and rightfully so—it turned out to be a farce. Now, with ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s criminal charges being dropped by the Department of Justice, it marks another time where a total lie has ruined someone’s life because some government officials, with the help of their media allies, didn’t like President Trump or who he employed. After you brush away the phony charges of perjury and why the FBI even interviewed him in the first place, that’s pretty much the reason. It’s the deep state. It’s the FBI run amok.


Tracey has pretty devastating Twitter threads that just shoot holes right through the liberal media hysteria over this collusion delusion. He said the case against Flynn was shoddy from the start—and the FBI knew it—which is why they plotted to entrap him on this perjury nonsense. They tried to weaponize a phone call Flynn had with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak as their hook. He also noted what was equally preposterous regarding the Flynn fiasco, besides the case itself, was how long it took for the DOJ to drop it. 


Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, said in October of 2019, that damaging documents would reveal a plot from top DOJ officials to entrap her client. Well, they recently came to light and she warned that more was coming. The FBI went off the reservation. The agents who interviewed Flynn as part of this Russia collusion investigation noted that they felt he didn’t do anything wrong; he didn’t lie to them. But even after there was no collusion was proven, the FBI still went after Flynn. When the government goes after you, they will break you financially, so please—let’s not kid ourselves with the ‘he plead guilty’ talking point we’re seeing from the Left, who are going bonkers over the DOJ dropping the case


Cry more, liberals. You lost. And we won—again. Also, Tracey noted that in their tantrums, they totally miss that the FBI employed some of the most heinous acts of overreach against an American citizen who did nothing wrong and was pursued on bogus charges. Somehow the letters F, B, and I have been changed to K, G, and B. That’s what Trump derangement syndrome can do, especially if you’re a liberal, pervert your entire worldview. This is what happens when one political view feels so entitled that they think they should win all elections. This is America; it doesn’t work that way. The Flynn fiasco is over but at a terrible cost.

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