Horrible: This Woman’s Entire Family Was Wiped Out by the Wuhan Coronavirus in Three Days

Posted: Apr 22, 2020 6:45 PM
Horrible: This Woman’s Entire Family Was Wiped Out by the Wuhan Coronavirus in Three Days

Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The Wuhan coronavirus is random. There are young people who die from it and the elderly, considered to be the most at-risk of dying if infected, who survive it and vice versa. Still, the old and immunocompromised are considered the most susceptible to dying from this disease. Young people can still get deathly ill; no one is immune. 

As of today, there are over 810,000 Wuhan coronavirus cases and over 41,000 deaths. It's highly contagious, as a single infected person can spread it to two-to-three people on average. And the asymptomatic can spread this disease like a brushfire. This is why social distancing is key and has shown excellent results in stopping the spread and, in turn, ensuring our hospitals aren't overrun.  All good things—and now a handful of states are starting their slow processes of re-opening.

Yet, for some, like Sandy Brown, it's a horrifying time. She has lost her entire family to the virus.

Brown lost her husband and only son within a matter of days. In March, her son contracted the virus, whom she called her miracle baby after two miscarriages. Now, she's all alone. Her son had asthma and her husband had received a kidney transplant in 2012. Both of her loved ones had conditions that made them more susceptible to infection, then again, the Wuhan virus also appears to be impacting the black community at a disproportionate rate overall (via Detroit Free Press):

Sandy Brown tried to calm her son, Freddie, alone and scared in a hospital intensive care unit. His father had died a few days earlier. Freddie, just 20, was worried he would die, too.

Talking on FaceTime throughout the night, Sandy recited Scripture and tried to slow his breathing. She sang spiritual songs to coax him to sleep, like a mom singing lullabies to her baby.

One day later, Freddie died.

Imagine awakening from one nightmare only to slip into another.

In three days last week, Brown lost her husband and son, Freddie Lee Brown Jr. and Freddie Lee Brown III, to the novel coronavirus.

“There’s not even a word created to describe my pain. It’s unimaginable,” she said.

The younger Freddie — her "Boopie," her "Sonny Redd" — was her only child, so Brown’s family is all gone now.

The publication noted that initially, nurses wouldn't allow Sandy to go near her husband due to the virus's contagiousness. She demanded to say goodbye. They relented, giving her a gown, glasses, and mask. She quietly bid her late husband farewell. After both her son and husband died, relatives couldn't even grieve with her in the house. They were able to leave food on a table in the garage and look at one another through a glass screen door.

In their last conversation, Brown's husband told her, "Calm down. I'll be fine. It will just be a few days."

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