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Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

China lied and people died. It also helps when you buy the director-general position at the World Health Organization to carry your propaganda. The January tweet from WHO, stating that the Chinese told them there was no human-to-human transmission might be seen as a critical point, where the world decided to put their guard down at a critical moment, thanks to Beijing’s bumbling response to the Wuhan coronavirus. With each passing day, it becomes clearer that this was China’s fault. They’re also preventing American companies from importing their own goods that they manufacture in China which has led to hospitals being starved of personal protection equipment for medical staff and talks about bringing some of the production back home. Still, we need to work with China regarding the containment of this virus, though with mixed feelings. Regardless, the overture has to be sent, as State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus made that clear writing, “The U.S. welcomes China’s call to combat the COVID-19 pandemic together. We urge Beijing to share all virus data, let intel teams investigate how the outbreak began in China, & allow citizens free speech. True cooperation requires transparency & real actions, not just rhetoric.”


Yet, that’s the kicker. The transparency part because China hasn’t been open. They can’t. It’s not in their nature due to their current form of government. What authoritarian regime has ever been open and transparent? Federal Communication Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr has eight questions for the authoritarian regime, specifically relating to those that Chinese government officials have disappeared. There are vloggers, citizen journalists, and doctors who tried to do the right thing and raise the red flag and tried to document the ground conditions as Wuhan was engulfed by this disease. They’ve all vanished. 


China discovered this pneumonia-like virus back in December and then orders its doctors to destroy samples of the evidence. Besides forced disappearances, China kept its medical staff in the dark, bo jangled on warning the wider public and barred doctors from reporting new cases of COVID-19. No serious containment measures were undertaken until it was much too late. It’s a highly contagious disease that requires a social lockdown, which the vast majority of the country is now living under as we fight the spread on our shores. The death toll is rapidly approaching 20,000. The number is hovering a little over 18,500 as we speak. There are now over 495,000 cases of infection. Easter Sunday is projected to be a very bad day. Until then, the door is open on cooperation, but it’s doubtful that China, ethnocentric, authoritarian, and suspicion of the West, will truly cooperate in any meaningful way. For now, they have the anti-Trump liberal press to carry their water for them, which they’re happy to do. And it wasn’t so long ago that these same clowns were worried about foreign interference in our politics. 

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