Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Issues Stay-at-Home Order To Curb Wuhan Coronavirus Spread

Posted: Mar 30, 2020 1:45 PM
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Issues Stay-at-Home Order To Curb Wuhan Coronavirus Spread

Source: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The Wuhan Coronavirus has hit the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia area. And now all three will be under stay-at-home orders. Delaware issued their lockdown order on March 22. This morning, Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland issued their formal lockdown order this morning after 1,400 cases were reported in the state. And this afternoon, Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to issue one for Virginia as well. Trips to the grocery store, banks, or seeking medical assistance will be permitted. State parks will remain open and going outdoors will also be allowed as long as you keep gatherings fewer than 10 people or are six feet apart from one another. It will remain in effect until June 10 (via Richmond Times-Dispatch):

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam will order state residents to remain at home with some exceptions, as the state steps up its effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a source familiar with the order said.

Northam’s order will allow people to leave their homes to seek a wide array of essential services like medical attention, food, banking and more.  

The order will also limit access to the state’s beaches, barring swimming and sunbathing.

People will still be allowed to engage in outdoor activities, as long as they follow the state’s ban on gatherings larger than 10 people and remain 6 feet apart from others. The state’s parks will remain open.

The decision represents an about-face for Northam, who on Friday suggested that there was virtually no difference between issuing an order and his ongoing requests for people to stay at home except for essential outings.

How this will be enforced will probably be divulged during his presser at 2 P.M. today. It will probably give police the power to enforce the order, which will probably come with a fine and jail time, though the former is more likely to be applied to those violating the mandate. 

So far, there have been over 1,000 Wuhan virus cases in Virginia, with 25 deaths. Of course, it’s not nearly as bad as New York City. Let’s hope it remains that way.


UPDATE: It's done.