Step on a Rake? Why The New York Times Really Looks Stupid Going After Mitch McConnell Right Now

Posted: Mar 25, 2020 1:05 AM
Step on a Rake? Why The New York Times Really Looks Stupid Going After Mitch McConnell Right Now

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked about this. The New York Times had a good piece about a possible new symptom of the Wuhan coronavirus: loss of smell. And then, they come up with this garbage. Well, to be more precise, their editorial board decided to come up with this nonsense. It’s pure comedy. And once again, it just shows how the elite media thinks the American voter is truly this dumb. Granted, these people are liars. They’re corrupt, but this time there’s just too much evidence that points to the Democrats being the ones who decided to flip off the American worker. The publication’s op-ed this week blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blowing up the Wuhan coronavirus relief bill (via NYT):

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky failed to do his job this weekend. As the economy spiraled downward, Mr. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said he would produce a bipartisan bailout bill authorizing an infusion of desperately needed aid.

Instead, Mr. McConnell emerged on Sunday evening with a bill that would provide a lot of help for corporate executives and shareholders, and not nearly enough for American workers. It would let the Treasury Department hand out hundreds of billions of dollars to corporations — potentially including businesses owned by President Trump — without requiring a binding commitment to preserve jobs and wages. And the bailouts could remain secret for six months.

Senate Democrats, refusing to play along, blocked the bill in a procedural vote on Sunday night and again on Monday afternoon. But responsibility for the deadlock rests squarely on Mr. McConnell’s shoulders.

That’s a very interesting interpretation of history. And we all know that the Left has zero comprehension of history, so we shouldn’t expect their clowns in the media to grasp it either. The Democrats co-wrote the bill, you morons. It was McConnell’s bill—and he decided to set off a controlled explosion to kill it. Please! I don’t know what drugs they’re taking up there or what glue they’re sniffing. Heck, maybe this was written after a brutal session of the choking game, but it’s wrong. Chucky Chuck is on video saying this was a bipartisan bill, but passing this legislation aimed at protecting American workers and businesses impacted by the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak would be a win for Trump. Democrats had to stop that, so they filibustered the bill and as expected, the markets tanked on Monday. The Senate worked all week on this, while the House was in recess. Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to fly back and kill all the work that was done on this because the Kennedy Center needs $35 million, the IRS needs $600 million, and doctors need to be allowed to perform late-term abortions. It’s a social justice warrior pile of crap—the alternate House relief bill. It’s literally written by communists, but all of this is McConnell’s fault. Pelosi signaling that this deal was dead is Mitch’s fault.  Democrats co-writing the bill in the Senate is Mitch’s fault. The cocaine must be great at the New York Times’ office. Actually, no—it’s not great. It’s made them all mentally challenged.


UPDATE: And after all that huffing, the Republicans, Trump, McConnell, and the country won. Democrats have been beaten. We have a deal and it's pretty much the same bill that was going to be voted on before Pelosi attempted to derail this measure with her pork:

UPDATE II: And now Pelosi is dragging her feet? But it's Mitch's fault, right?