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I mean CNN is going to do whatever it can to attack President Trump and his supporters. It’s their war cry. It’s their model. It’s what they do no matter how many times they will try to deny it. They’re an anti-Trump network with commentator and contributor corps hostile to the administration. Guys, they have disgraced ex-Deputy FBI Director and noted liar Andrew McCabe as a contributor. Need I say more. And almost every so-called national security correspondent, analyst, etc., is a former Obama official who simply cannot deal with Trump being president. Their former employment is never mentioned for obvious reasons. 


While the network’s bias is insufferable, there are some good people working there. They may not get the airtime because they’re fair, but I’ll just leave it at that. On Super Tuesday, however, the network reminded millions of those who voted for Trump in 2016 that there are a lot of people that just hate them. They view them as inferior, as heartless racists, and ones who don’t care about their neighbors or the direction of this country or something. It’s total trash, but former Clinton campaign operative Jess McIntosh just had to get that in there when discussing Joe Biden’s walloping of his opposition on Super Tuesday.

McIntosh made it clear that she likes Joe Biden but aptly noted that we’ve seen him campaign for the past six months and there is no indication that he’s going to change now that he’s usurped Bernie as the Democratic frontrunner. In short, she’s a die-hard progressive who is worried that a Biden ticket will lead to Trump winning and bring about another four years of economic growth, record-high stock market closings, unemployment hitting historic lows, and the creation of millions of new jobs. That’s only a part of what’s happened over the past four years, liberal media. And yeah—sounds like a record that warrants giving this administration a second term. The direction of the country? I guess she missed that part about consumer and small business confidence reaching their highest marks in years. You can file that under ‘not under Obama.’ More jobs, less red tape, fewer taxes, and smarter trade deals--Trump has accomplished all four. 


But the notion that we, as Trump supporters, aren’t neighborly, kind, and concerned about the country is why Trump won in the first place, so please keep these in-kind contributions coming.  

There's "existential terror" running rampant? Holy hyperbole, batman.

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