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Oh, this is great. It’s a question that Democrats can’t answer or are unwilling to defend. And it was asked in the bastion of liberal America. Why do Democrats care more about illegal aliens than homeless Americans in the streets? It’s a question that Scot Presler, the man whose been volunteering to clean up the garbage that’s accumulated in Democrat-run cities, asked of San Francisco residents. Yes, the crowd around him wasn’t big, but the question is still salient. Why is this the case? The Democratic Party is keen on expanding sanctuary policies, giving illegals health care and driver’s licenses—but what about the homeless? On the West Coast or Left Coast, homeless people are becoming a hallmark characteristic. Presler noted that California is one of the biggest state economies in the country, but Sacramento would rather cater to illegals instead. California is a sanctuary state. 

Presler noted that both his father and grandfather had served their country in the military and that he’s doing his part cleaning up communities around the country because he “gives a damn.” 

“The Democrat Party does not put our people first,” he declared before saying that he’s going to vote for Donald Trump in 2020. He then torches Nancy Pelosi for being a do-nothing politician. 

He hoped the video of him asking this question would go viral. Let’s help him out. Presler had organized a clean-up of Baltimore, which he wrote about in an op-ed for the Sun last August:

While our volunteers were inspired to pick up trash, we knew this had to be more than just a Band-Aid. So, we took the opportunity to zip our mouths and listen to the residents. Louise, 81-years-old and 4-foot-10 inches tall, took me by the hand to show me where her neighborhood needs help. She told me how people from outside the city are illegally dumping trash at the “bandos,” or abandoned buildings. Even worse, Louise said that the city only sends a truck once a year to clean out the alleys.

A grandmother ran out to us after seeing reports of the cleanup on the news. She has sent videos of vehicles illegally dumping in the area, but the city has not taken action. I gave her my cell number and promised to post any videos she sends me all over social media so we can combat this illegal trash dumping. I also encouraged her to knock on every one of her neighbors’ doors to tell the city how they feel.

In addition to the grandmother, I promised Louise that we would return. On Monday, Sept. 9, we are coming back to Baltimore for cleanup #2. We would like to cordially invite The Baltimore Sun to join our efforts and help pick up trash.

Sadly, Scot, the proof is in the pudding. Democrats don’t care. They never have about the homeless. Caring for the homeless vs. the long-term goal of creating new voters—that’s what’s being weighed, and Democrats favor the latter. It’s why they don’t care about Angel Moms, mothers whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens—they want these illegal aliens to be new voters eventually. 

h/t Twitchy

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