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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sen. Mitt Romney decided to betray the GOP with his vote to convict Donald Trump on the abuse of power charges. He decided to join the Democrat’s shoddy, hyper-partisan clown show. Why? He may be trying to set the stage for another run for the White House. That has to be the only explanation and he thinks he can do that by catering to the three-to-four percent of the GOP that hates Trump. More Democrats are cheering Romney than Republicans. Mitty, you’re doing it wrong. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) decided to give Romney a pat on the back, though the question stemmed about anyone being worried about democratic socialism being a poison pill for the 2020 Democratic ticket and whether the health care policy from the Sanders camp is even realistic. ABC News provided the transcript:


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC News:  Senator Klobuchar? 

AMY KLOBUCHAR:  I am -- I am listening to this about meeting the moment, and my first thought is, I'm a fresh face up here for a presidential debate, and I figure Pete that 59, my age, is the new 38 up here. 


The second thing I think about is this...

BIDEN:  Seventy is the new fifty.

KLOBUCHAR:  OK, there you go.  Meeting the moment -- meeting the moment -- we had a moment the last few weeks, Mayor, and that moment was these impeachment hearings.  And there was a lot of courage that you saw from only a few people.  There was courage from Doug Jones, our friend of Alabama, who took that tough vote. 


There was courage -- there was courage from Mitt Romney, who took a very, very difficult vote. 


There was courage -- as I read today -- about Lieutenant Colonel Vindman being escorted out of the White House.  What he did took courage.

Yeah, Biden also mentioned Vindman which became his “please clap” moment. 


Mitt, you’re never going to win if you think Democrats and the handful of Never Trump Republicans can conjure a presidential comeback for you. I mean, Democrats really don’t like you; they only like that you stabbed your party in the back and gave them the talking point that this was a bipartisan effort which will then be used as ammunition against Senate Republicans in tough re-election races this year. So, again, nice work, traitor. 


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