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Pennsylvania might be put out of reach for Democrats due to the Democrat’s hatred of fracking. I know it’s still early, but as of now—it’s quite possible that either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders could be the 2020 nominee. Okay—maybe Sanders is the only real contender; Warren has been bleeding liberal voters. Both candidates are for fracking bans, which will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Rust Belt. As The New York Times noted in a lengthy post, even those in Keystone State who are trying to curb fracking, know that a universal ban will cost Democrats Pennsylvania and the 2020 election. Union leaders are also signaling that if either Warren or Sanders are nominated, they’re telling their members to sit out the election, a great many will probably vote for Trump. 


Without Pennsylvania, the Democrats’ path to the White House becomes increasingly more difficult. It may even be the ballgame. Yet, besides fracking and natural gas is a potential death trap for Democrats in the state, we have a women-based focused group also giving Trump high praise. They noted the national security accomplishments, like killing Iran’s top terrorist Maj. Gen. Qasam Soleimani. More importantly, they noted the increase in the size of their portfolios and one woman noted that she will have no problem paying her taxes this year, thanks to the Trump economy.  

All of the women in the focus group conducted by CBS News were confident that Trump would win re-elected in 2020. With that feedback from the suburbs, you have to be feeling good, which is exactly what CBS This Morning host Gayle King said at the end of the segment. 

Democrats are running as the anti-Trump. Everything the president does is bad. Everything they will do would be the opposition, but that doesn’t make it better. And they have to make the case the wrecking the Trump economy, which is booming and replacing it with their regulation-heavy, a high-tax alternative would be better for job creation and growth. Spoiler: it wouldn’t. The 2020 Democratic agenda only caters to the snobby liberal elites of the Acela Corridor. Virtually none of the 2020 field know working people. If they do, they’re peddling ideas, like Medicare for All, which will torch the wallets of America’s working-class and take away their health care benefits. Yeah, as of now, Trump is a lock to win again. 


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