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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

 I mean this is just great, but it’s also a tad disturbing. The media is so desperate to boot Trump and they’re making it known that they think Democrats might have blown their chances at doing it successfully. I don’t get why; there was no way 67 senators were going to remove Trump. And now that the formal articles have been released, there’s no way. Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. What weak sauce nonsense is that? And this is on top of the fact that this impeachment push has trashed Democrats in the polls. Not a single top-tier 2020 Democrat is beating Trump in key swing states. In fact, impeachment was never popular in these states, especially in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. No one is watching this garbage. No one cares. 


And this has triggered the liberal media. From hosts saying that this impeachment moment reminds them of how O.J. Simpson allegedly got away with murder to saying that Trump had brought the nation to the edge of destruction, the feeling that the moment to impeach this man has passed them by is palpable. Geoffrey Dickens at Newsbusters has more, including some of the most outrageous segments from November: 

Liberal journalists are convinced the only way to save the Republic is to impeach Donald Trump and yet increasingly hosts, reporters and pundits are clearly worried they and the Democrats might have missed their shot.

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd compared the President to O.J. Simpson when he worried Trump would evade justice: “I’m having a quick flashback to the O.J. trial.” Todd feared Trump was “going to get acquitted” even though “everybody knew” he was “guilty.” His MSNBC colleague Donny Deutsch yelled at his fellow Democrats for being too weak: “We can’t bring a knife” to a fight with Republicans who have “machine guns.”

CNN host Brian Stelter fretted to fellow CNNer Jake Tapper are we going to “regret not doing even more to speak out about this lying and deceit?” Stelter was so confounded that any Republican could support Trump, he actually asked on a cult expert: “You say the President is using mind control, but how is that provable?”


I mean again, this is just about a bunch of weak, soy boy liberals who cannot get over the 2016 election.

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