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Facepalm: This Law Professor Summed up the Seriousness of the Democrats' Trump Impeachment Push

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Well, yesterday’s impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee went as expected with regards to the hyperbole. House Democrats want President Trump out. They’re not using a shoddy quid pro quo allegation from a July phone call with Ukraine as their basis. Trump supposedly tried to shakedown the Ukrainians into opening a corruption probe into Hunter Biden or risk having military aid withheld. Ukraine got aid. Ukraine got lethal aid. Ukraine got the aid that Obama refused to give because it might upset Putin, but Trump is the one who’s soft on Russia. The mind spins. Remember this was the party who thought Russia wasn’t a threat, as demonstrated by their mocking of Mitt Romney in 2012. The Left’s inability to grasp history bit them—and the Russophobic rabies that followed has been nothing short of epic. 


So, here we have three supposed constitutional law experts, who are really just anti-Trump clowns, giving their testimony on how this whole nothingburger allegation is really just as serious as the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. In fact, this may be the crime of the century, even more, serious that when O.J. Simpson allegedly quasi-decapitated his ex-wife in 1994. I mean this isn’t Watergate. This isn’t even impeachable. There was no quid pro quo. There was no bribery. It’s just Democrats and their allies being totally and utterly insane. Take one of their law experts yesterday, Noah Feldman, who looks like actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who said that if we don’t impeach Trump, then we’re no longer living in a democracy. Yeah, this is the type of silliness that’s going to cost Democrats the 2020 election. No one believes that for a second. Also, we’re not a democracy; we have a republic. And as Ed noted, we have term-limits and elections. Again, Democrats have no grasp of history, which is why it’s always amusing when they have their so-called constitutional experts try and lecture us about our nation’s history, which deep down they hate. It’s almost always wrong, and here you have Exhibit A. 


If we don’t impeach Trump, we’re living in a dictatorship. I mean does anyone else find this hilarious? There is no way the Republican Senate is going to remove Trump from office. There was already a slim chance, and by slim I mean virtually non-existent, that the GOP Senate would convict Trump over having a phone conversation with the Ukrainians, but now it’s definitely not going to happen. So, great work, Democrats. You’re not going to move the needle on impeachment, swing-state voters are opposed to your antics, they like Trump on the economy, they’re going to vote for him again, and you didn’t move the needle in terms of more American supporting your quasi-coup. Everyone sees this for the partisan clown show that it is—and they’re bot going to reward you for this. 


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