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 Yesterday was pure torture. After hours of testimony on the Hill regarding this impeachment nonsense, we had a 2020 Democratic debate. There isn’t enough whiskey in the world. Alas, we have no more hearings this week after the conclusion of today’s hearing with Fiona Hill and David Holmes. Again, it was a slate filled with witnesses who are career bureaucrats who don’t like Trump’s policy in Ukraine and decided to be part of this clown show. Yet, the debate last night had equally absurd moments. We all know Joe Biden is a gaffe machine, but this one reached a new level: he pretty much tried to say he was just as black as Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ).


The vast majority of the debate was unremarkable. The same ole’ talking points were peddled, but towards the end of the night—the VP decided to whip out the ‘I’m the honorary black’ card to everyone’s amazement. 

This party has a cultural appropriation problem. Yes, the issue is political correctness nonsense, but on the Left—it’s a cause for concern when—say—a white person pretends to be part of a racial or ethnic group when it’s explicitly clear that they’re not. Whether that be a white woman who thinks she’s Cherokee because she has high cheekbones or an aging man who’s whiter than Wonder Bread saying he’s an honorary black—the Democratic Party has had their fair share of white folks trying to hijack other racial groups for political gain. It’s okay for them, however, because they’re Democrats. That’s the standard. You be corrupt, racist, sexist, and even credibly accused of rape—but you won’t pay any price because you’re a liberal. 


Biden had trouble remembering who the president of China was and it was painful watching him trying to deliver a jab at Tom Steyer. Biden was trying to make the case that he was promoting climate change legislation long before Steyer was because the latter was peddling coal power at the time. It’s simple—and it seemed to take Biden like 20 minutes to get that point across. It was sloppy. If you’re having trouble delivering an attack against the likes of Tom Steyer, who will never be the 2020 nominee or win the presidency, you’re not going to last long. Biden is at the top of the heap due to name recognition and the notion that he’s the best person to beat Trump.

After his gaffes and his attempt to say that he’s just as black as Booker on stage last night, it only reinforced the point that the 2020 crop has no one who can beat Trump next year.


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