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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Well, his name has been mentioned, though we still don’t have solid confirmation about the identity of this so-called Trump-Ukraine whistleblower. He may be the guy and he might not be. All we know is that his complaint set off this impeachment circus that has engulfed Washington, D.C. The story goes that Donald Trump channeled his inner-Tony Soprano and tried to shake down the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into opening a corruption probe into Hunter Biden’s board position at an energy company, where it was alleged that the son of the vice president was selling access. If this didn’t happen, the U.S. would withhold military aid. Alas, the quid pro quo allegation that brought the impeachment circus into town.


As for the Biden-Ukraine dealings, Hunter was making $50,000 a month at this company and had zero experience in the energy field. Also, due to the Biden 2020 campaign’s appalling inability to neutralize this business arrangement, which occurred in 2014 when Biden was serving as vice president and overseeing efforts to root out corruption in Ukraine, this story remains a topic of discussion on the trail. In all, the Biden position is ‘we did nothing wrong, but we’ll never do it again.’

The whistleblower did not listen in on the phone call. It’s all second-hand information, but he did reach out to Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) staff. Schiff is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and the starting quarterback in executing the Democrats’ playbook on this Trump impeachment effort. Oh, and the lawyer for this so-called whistleblower discussed getting a coup going against the Trump administration, along with impeaching the president. We have anti-Trump Democrats acting as they normally do since 2016, plus some deep state antics, so this whole proceeding really sounds like it’s on the up-and-up, right? Maybe…if you’re on crack cocaine. 

This person has already been reported to be a CIA agent, a registered Democrat, and someone who had worked with a 2020 Democratic candidate. Yeah, I really trust what this clown, Schiff, and the Democrats are spoon-feeding the media about this whole fiasco. I cannot roll my eyes harder. Yet, since we can’t confirm if this person is indeed the whistleblower, Facebook straight up decided to scrub all references to this person from their platform (via Washington Examiner):


Any mention of the potential whistleblower's name violates our coordinating harm policy, which prohibits content 'outing of witness, informant, or activists,'" a representative said in a statement Friday. "We are removing any and all mentions of the potential whistleblower's name and will revisit this decision should their name be widely published in the media or used by public figures in debate."


Facebook had accepted ad campaigns Thursday that featured [the so-called whistleblower’s] name until BuzzFeed News got the platform to take them down. The company then announced they would be banning any naming of the rumored whistleblower.


The Washington Examiner reported on Nov. 6 that he is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.

Facebook is a private company. They can do what they want regarding standards, yet the more damning development from the so-called whistleblower has been from his lawyer. I’m not talking about the tweets. It’s the threat of lawsuits that have been doled out, which in some way could lead to the media confirming this person’s identity. Why so serious, fellas? It only adds to the palace intrigue. If the goal was to reduce the room temperature, this was not going to do it.  


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