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Megyn Kelly Secured an Interview with the Alleged Jeffrey Epstein ABC News Whistleblower

AP Photo/Palm Beach Post, Uma Sanghvi

UPDATE: The interview is now live.

The person who was singled out was former ABC producer Ashley Bianco, who admits to clipping Robach's outburst, but denied leaking it to Project Veritas. 

"The leaker is still inside," she declared. She wasn't the only one who saw Robach venting her frustrations. It was a well-known event within the office at the time. 

UPDATE II: Newsbusters' Curtis Houck notes that Veritas did release a letter that might corroborate Bianco's claim that she wasn't the leaker. Project Veritas says their insider went by the name "Ignotus" [bold text indicates the letter from "Ignotus"]

Circling back to Bianco's denials that she wasn't the leaker, this squared with a letter released by Project Veritas roughly an hour before Kelly's interview was posted on YouTube. The person described by Project Veritas as an “ABC Insider” writing under the pseudonym “Ignotus” in which they alone accepted responsibility for sending out the clip.

In a section entitled “To my fellow man,” the anonymous ABC News staffer stated:

I came forward with this information bearing no motives other than to have this information public. I did not and do not seek any personal gain from this information whether it be financial or otherwise and will always decline. When I became aware of this moment, I had the same reaction as many of you did. Anger, confusion and sadness. I care not about petty political quarrels and only hope for the best in all of us.

UPDATE III: More videos coming per James O' Keefe, who added that Robach said another reason ABC spiked the Epstein story because a lot of prominent men were on those planes.

***Original Post***

Tim wrote up two stories about the Democrat-media complex protecting their own. And shocker, it appears that Bill Clinton was one of the persons ABC News top brass decided to shield. Whether directly or indirectly, we all know dead child predator Jeffrey Epstein had ties to the Clinton family, the British Royal Family, and others in the higher echelons of wealth and power. He supposedly killed himself in his cell this summer. We have conflicting reports regarding his autopsy. Yet, reporter and host Amy Robach was caught in a hot mic moment, where she vented her frustration at her Epstein story being killed. She now says that it wasn’t fully corroborated now that Project Veritas has leaked the footage of what she called a “private moment of frustration”: 

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe released another tape that was leaked to the watchdog group from a whistleblower inside a major network newsroom. On Tuesday, the investigative journalism outlet exposed ABC News for allegedly spiking a story implicating heinous pervert and now-dead child molester Jeffrey Epstein. In the video seen at the bottom of this post, O'Keefe's tape reveals ABC News 20/20 co-anchor and Good Morning America guest anchor Amy Robach lamenting that network higher-ups killed a story in 2016 she had implicating Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, former President Bill Clinton, and members of the British Royal Family regarding Epstein's sex trafficking. More shockingly, Robach admits that she believes Epstein was killed because of how much blackmail he had on so many various people.  

The ABC News employee who was accused of giving that clip to Veritas had moved over the CBS News. The two networks colluded to unearth her identity and fired her. So, the liberal media can unmask whistleblowers, but those who are accused of being part of the anti-Trump deep state and engaging in what could be described as a coup is illegal or something. Anyways, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly sat down with the alleged ABC News whistleblower. Kelly recently set up an Instagram account where she said, “Launching my Instagram with an exclusive interview of the woman just fired after the leak of a hot mic moment by ABC’s Amy Robach. But did ABC News target the right person?”

The video drops soon. We’ll find out (See: Update). 

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