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AP Photo/Ric Feld

There appears to be some Me Too business going on at CNN, where a top executive is alleged to have made inappropriate advances and the front office might have covered it up. It’s part of the recent investigation into the anti-Trump network by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. While we have known that CNN was biased, we now have evidence from the people who work there that the network is pretty much the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. We have tales of Jeff Zucker, CNN’s president, giving marching orders to stay on the impeachment story and stormed into a control room ordering them to nix commercials and extend an interview with a top Trump official in the hopes of tripping her up on live television. There is a “personal vendetta” mentality against the Trump White House in this newsroom. 


If liberals wonder why the chant “CNN sucks” remains popular, well, here you go. And now we have sexual harassment allegations. Veritas was able to get oodles of footage from an insider Cary Poarch and other journalists from Veritas. One was able to capture Jake Tapper’s senior producer, Rick Saleeby, detailing an alleged run-in a young female had with CNN Politics Supervising Producer Steve Brusk. In the video, Saleeby alleges that the senior management knows about the antics but is protecting him (via Project Veritas):

When speaking about CNN Politics Supervising Producer and White House Unit Supervising Producer/Coverage Manager, Steve Brusk, ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ Senior Producer Rick Saleeby said: “…he would like make advances if there was a social gathering and they were drunk… Put his arms around them, try and touch their leg. Try and build up emails to the level where he would get flirty and inappropriate.”

According to Saleeby, there was a social gathering where a twenty-one-year-old woman was getting drunk and Steve Brusk allegedly saw an opportunity to make sexual advances on her. Saleeby says: “So, like, there is this girl that was twenty-one. She’s actually a good friend of mine. She had just gotten hired after being an intern…And she was getting…There was a going away party for a co-worker. We were all having a really good time…She was very well liked. We were getting drunk. He started like staying close to her…Arm around her.”

Saleeby went on to describe the scene with more details: “She had a skirt on. I could see the hand. I like grab her. It looked like I was being the assaulter because I grabbed her so aggressive…To keep her from him. Like go around her and go Come over here and looked at him because I could flatten him…It was like…I wouldn’t do it because then I would be the one who got fired…He would have absolutely been like ‘get in a cab with me later.’”

Saleeby states that he found out later that there had allegedly been prior accusations against Brusk


Oh, and you bet Veritas reached out for comment. Tapper wouldn’t comment and neither would Saleeby, but Brusk said, “I, I, I don’t. Um but uh, I’ll let our PR people talk to you about that”…“No, sir. I’m happy to put you in touch with our PR people.”

And this isn’t unusual or an isolated case. At NBC News, we have Ronan Farrow documenting how the higher-ups there tried to kill his story about the allegations lobbed against former Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein because the higher-ups there reportedly knew that if this got out, Matt Lauer could be put in jeopardy. Eventually, Lauer was fired from the Today Show for sexual misconduct and he’s now facing a rape allegation from the time the network was covering the Olympics in Sochi. The icons of the liberal media are taking a beating. 

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