2020 Election: Mike Rowe Burns Democrats With His Post-Debate Observations

Posted: Oct 17, 2019 5:30 PM

It may not have been the most exciting debate. The September debate was filled with more swipes at one another, but the Democratic debate Tuesday night once again showed how insane this party has become. One could see why impeachment is on the minds of Democrats; it may be the only way to beat Trump in 2020. Trump has an agenda of fewer regulations, tax cuts, a booming economy, over three million new jobs, bigger paychecks, and record unemployment across the board. The Democrats want to increase taxes, wreck capitalism, torch the economy, confiscate guns, give illegal aliens health care, and cannibalize private health insurance. On the latter, it’s the only way for Medicare for All to work. 

The top of the 2020 crop is a democratic socialist who just had a heart attack, a fake Indian who can’t answer the simple question about whether her health care plan will jack up middle-class taxes, and a former vice president who is beyond incoherent. They’re also all very, very old. It’s like Night of the Living Dead. Of course, Warren’s health care plan would increase taxes. Everyone’s taxes will go up and she knows that. Hence, her prevarication on the subject. And Warren was treated like the frontrunner Tuesday night. It did not go well; she was raked over the coals for her vague health care remarks. Biden didn’t fare much better and he’s emerging as one of the weakest frontrunners to run for the presidency in recent memory. There’s a reason why he never reached such status in past presidential bids; he’s just not that good. And 85 percent of the reason why he was atop of the polls was due to name recognition. After his serial gaffes on the trail, I think there are a lot of Democratic voters having second thoughts. Yet, Mike Rowe, the former host of the popular show Dirty Jobs and narrator for Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, had the most brutal observation about that night. 

The entire field talked about the rich, also known as the job-creating and investing class, as some boogeyman, working hard to screw over working-class America. Funny—the Democratic agenda would do just that, but I digress. Everyone on stage is rich or pretty damn comfortable. So, in all, it was a debate where millionaires were fighting over who hates…other rich the most. The Washington Times has more

American “everyman” Mike Rowe says Democrats sometimes came across as millionaire candidates arguing over who “hates the millionaires the most” during Tuesday’s primary debate.  

The author, celebrity, and man behind Work Ethic Scholarships given out each year by the mikeroweWORKS Foundation told “Fox & Friends” that some of the ideas presented in Ohio among presidential hopefuls play to humanity’s worst instincts.


“It’s a free country. Float ‘em. Fly ‘em,” he said of Sen. Bernard Sanders’ plan to tax the 400 richest Americans at a 97% rate. “Run ‘em up the old flagpole. See who salutes. Look, in the end you’ve got millionaires arguing with millionaires over who hates the millionaires the most.”

It’s just amazing that liberal America actually thinks their ideas are popular. Decriminalizing border crossings are not popular, and neither is letting MS-13 roam free thanks for sanctuary city policies. But yeah, this limousine liberal observation was spot on—and it has been true for quite some time. Voters may not like Trump, but we’re seeing a rather explicit distinction among the two sides. We have a future that encourages freedom and another that seeks to turn the authoritarian progressive project into a reality. Freedom vs. slavery…I wonder who would win that contest.