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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Well, we may not have to wait until Thursday to know how Speaker Nancy Pelosi falls regarding the impeachment question. Axios is reporting that she’s telling close friends that she knows this is going to happen. She’s conceded the inevitability of it, though she reportedly hates the politics of it. And now, Guy just wrote that NBC News’ Howard Fineman is reporting that the House speaker will call for a formal inquiry into impeaching the president (via Axios):


Pelosi has told friends that impeachment now feels unavoidable, according to someone who discussed it with her last night. She hates the politics of it, but has succumbed to the inevitability, the source says.

Here's where it stands as she heads into meetings with House committee chairs and the Democratic Caucus:

On the merits, Pelosi now sees a potential necessity for impeachment even if she dislikes the political impact it could have.

One key factor driving Pelosi's thinking is that the White House so far has refused to turn over the whistleblower's complaint about Trump's actions — something it is required by law to do.


The White House still has a potential way to halt the escalating momentum for impeachment: turn over the whistleblower report.

If the White House refuses to turn over the report to Congress by Thursday, when acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire appears before the House Intelligence committee, than Democrats will likely feel forced to move ahead with an impeachment inquiry.

But if the White House turns over, it could potentially give Democratic leaders an exit ramp.

Yeah, sorry—I call BS on that latter part. This is what the 2018 Democrats were elected to do: impeach Trump. This is why they were elected in the midterms. They weren’t meant to pass better bills. They weren’t elected to get things done. They weren’t elected to better the middle class, a bloc of voters that the Left has self-anointed themselves as lord protectors. They were elected to stop Trump by any means necessary. Over 150 House Democrats (158 to be exact) now back impeachment, even those who were skittish on the whole plot. Pelosi knows the nuclear fallout will impact her side more; there is no way this push is successful. The Republican Senate will kill it. Maybe Pelosi wanted an offramp, but too many Democrats, too many declarative statements from her fellow party members have set a firm course on impeachment concerning this White House. Democrats still cannot get over the 2016 results. They hate Trump. And in their hatred are perverting and tarnishing the very institutions they claim to be defenders of in this silly pursuit to boot a man from office merely because they think he shouldn’t have won because…Hillary Clinton. That’s a democracy (Okay–a constitutional federal republic). That’s how elections work—and often times your side loses. Democrats got a punch to the mouth with their entitlement complex and they are the ones who should only win elections. This is fix bayonets time for both sides. As for the GOP, I hope they have a plan to deal with this. I hope there is an extensive PR/messaging campaign that was thought of months ago because we were always going to have this battle. No mercy. There is no time of collegiality. ‘Kill them all’ has to be the mindset, with brutal and vicious efficiency. 


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