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CNN’s Chris Cuomo might have had a meltdown when a Trump supporter called him “Fredo,” which he and his network hilariously tried to say was an ethnic slur against Italians. It’s not. It was a popcorn-worthy meltdown, but Cuomo has had decent moments where he has pushed back against liberals on his show. Let’s take Beto O’Rourke, who is trying to nab the rabid anti-gunners in a desperate hail Mary to keep his campaign prospects alive. He needed something to keep him in the news. He decided to get behind full-blown gun confiscation. 


Yes, the government is coming to take your guns. Beto wants it. Deep down most Democrats do—they’re an anti-freedom, anti-gun, anti-Bill of Rights party. It’s exposed now. And the only reason why some Democrats are mad at Beto's rhetoric is due to the fact that he gave away the playbook. He’s milking the airtime, but Cuomo pushed back on Soy Boy Bob’s proposals, citing the Heller decision and the notion that this is the confiscation of private property from law-abiding Americans. It’s not legal. Beto tried to counter by saying that even the late Justice Antonin Scalia noted that no right is absolute and that the ruling also gave way for the government to pass appropriate regulations. That’s true. But confiscating guns from law-abiding Americans, and guns that are common and owned by millions for that matter is not what was being referenced in the ruling.

Beto also tried to downplay his proposal as not government overreach at all, adding that it’s straight fearmongering if someone frames this as Washington stomping in to take your guns. Cuomo quietly reminded the former Democratic congressman that he just said that, however. And to Cuomo’s credit, he did note that the AR-15 is the most commonly owned rifle in America.


Bob then went on some paranoid tangent, saying that our schools are targets and that any day, someone is going to shoot them up. Not true. Schools have never been safer, violent crime is still at historic lows, mass shootings are still rare, and gun homicides remain low as well. That’s the FBI’s data. It’s a fact. America is not a shooting gallery no matter how much liberals lust for it to be so in order to shred our constitutional rights. They need death to be successful on this issue. That’s quite deplorable.

The landmark Heller decision ruled that there is an individual right to own firearms unconnected to service to a national militia within federal enclaves in 2008. In this case, it was Washington, D.C. The ruling was expanded to the states in 2010 with McDonald v. Chicago.

Watch the full interview below:

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