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Here's Colt's Reasoning For Ending AR-15 Production For Civilian Use

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

So, did Colt succumb to the anti-gun crowd? I mean why else would you stop production of the most popular rifle in America? The recent spate of mass shootings has caused the anti-gun Left to resurface its ugly head—and they’re scoring wins, folks. In Florida and Vermont, two A-rated NRA governors, Rick Scott and Phil Scott signed terrible pieces of legislation into law after the Parkland shooting. Rick Scott, who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018, increased the age to buy all firearms, including long guns, to 21 before he left the governor’s mansion. Phil Scott signed laws that banned so-called high capacity magazines and expanded background checks. 


At the state level, the anti-gun Left is building support. We need to be vigilant. Now, we have this kidney punch from Colt saying it's ending production of the AR-15 rifle for civilians. In a statement, the firearms maker said it will focus on meeting rifle demands for the military and law enforcement, adding that its decision to end AR-15s for civilians was due to the fact that the market already had a solid supply available (via AP):

Colt’s chief executive officer, Dennis Veilleux, says it is not permanently ending production but believes there is already an adequate supply of sporting rifles on the market. He said in a statement Thursday the company will concentrate on fulfilling military and law enforcement contracts with its rifle manufacturing.

The West Hartford, Connecticut-based company has received some criticism from gun rights advocates for moving away from the civilian market.

Veilleux said in the statement the company remains committed to the Second Amendment and is adapting to consumer demand.

Here’s the thing. Wouldn’t Colt want a piece of the uptick that’s bound to happen given that Democrats have adopted explicit gun confiscation policies? Whatever the case, this will be used by the Left to fundraise and fill their coffers. And while Colt may not see this as caving to anti-gun pressure, it will be seen that way. Very disappointing.


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