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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

CNN is having a seven-hour town hall event on so-called global warming. This circus is going to last…seven whole hours. The 2020 Democratic field is going to have their day talking about one of the Left’s favorite subjects. Julian Castro got the ball rolling talking about “environmental racism.” He was later asked whether it was “fair” for younger generations to procreate. Yeah, this clown show is going to last seven hours, did I already mention that? The noted anti-Trump network has its rating buoyed by the fact that airports only show CNN, though I think even folks waiting to board their flights will find this to be nauseating. No one cares. It’s another theatrical production from people of the elite class, from urban America, trying to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. It’s one massive ad buy for the Green New Scam, which, like most far-left environmental action items paves way for backdoor socialism under the guise of trying to save Mother Earth.  


Well, President Trump wasn’t going to keep quiet for several hours. He took to Twitter to note eight things CNN will bury during tonight’s climate change event, which will surely drive liberals insane. Why? Well, that’s their default reaction to anything Trump says or does. The president merely stated that the U.S. was the nation that saw the largest drop in carbon emissions, China is the largest carbon contributor, and we lead the world in energy production. The Left is staunchly anti-fracking when it comes to natural gas. What better gift to the Russians than to stop our natural gas production…and Trump is the one who is a Russian puppet? But hey, these are their rules.  


Oh, and CNN is projected to emit 57 tons of carbon by just hosting this event. Go Green Team!

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