Green Warriors Cause Total Pandemonium at DNC Summer Meeting

Posted: Aug 23, 2019 3:05 PM
Green Warriors Cause Total Pandemonium at DNC Summer Meeting

Source: AP Photo/Ben Margot

Well, the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in San Francisco devolved into chaos as climate change protesters stormed the room once guest credentials had been exhausted. The committee has rejected a resolution to have a presidential debate that only focused on climate change. That infuriated members of the Sunrise Movement (via ABC 7):

The Democratic National Committee on Thursday voted against a resolution that would allow for a climate-focused debate during the Democratic presidential primary.

The move sparked loud and angry backlash from climate change activists who believe the Democratic Party should change the rules to allow for a debate focused solely on climate issues.

Activists from the Sunrise Movement stood on chairs and shouted at the members of the Resolution Committee after the decision came to a vote.

"It seems like the base wants this, the candidates want this, the energy is behind this, but then it's the DNC leadership saying no and we're just trying to figure out why," Sunrise Movement member Jackie Ali Cordoba told ABC7 News.

Nearly every single Democratic presidential candidate has said they would support a climate change debate and several have signed up for a climate change forum next month, but the DNC says sanctioning an official climate debate is a slippery slope.


The DNC has planned 12 debates and climate change did come up in the first two. Still, these activists say it's not enough.

Oh, and you bet the GOP had some good videos. I mean, in the leftist hub like San Francisco, you shouldn't be shocked that there were more than a few progressives who were not happy with the state of the party.