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While the Democrats continue to shank each other onstage since their 2020 clown car is still 15-plus candidates deep, President Trump is raking in the cash and already de facto running a general election campaign. He had a rally in the battleground state of Ohio last night, Cincinnati to be exact, and this one woman should be given VIP seating for all future Trump rallies:

Prior to the rally, which was in front of a packed house, one female Trump supporter called out Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and the Democrats for trashing America, putting down the country, and being asked to apologize for being citizens of this great country. Right on, lady! It’s funny that when we criticized America’s tepid economic growth under Obama, we were accused of being down on America. Screw the Democratic rules. WE shouldn’t have to apologize for being Americans or for our Founding Fathers and the ideals they advocated when they founded our country. It’s insanity.

On a positive note, the president’s messaging war appears to be working. Not to cast judgment, but this is just a patriotic American. She’s not an insane person who tracks the daily antics of AOC and her Leninist Girl Scout Troop from Hell, but she now knows who they are thanks to Trump’s tweets. She’s done her research. She sees their agenda action items, which are left-wing trash. If she was politically active, then all the better—it still shows Trump’s supporters see, read, and flesh out the accusations in those communications. And yes, this could branch out past Trump supporters, as swing voters in key House races in 2020 view AOC and her crew unfavorably, along with their agenda.

The 2020 Democratic agenda is full-blown socialism. It is anti-American. And it’s insane. We’re going to give health care to illegal aliens. That’s a loser. "Medicare for All" is a loser because private insurance has to be torched. Oh, and did we mention the massive tax increase that will hit middle-class families? Yeah—that has to happen. 

We’re not an envious country or an envious people by and large. That’s why we never had up until recently a successful pro-redistributionist party take root in our politics. We view success as something to aspire to; these people are role models, along with being job creators and investors. In four years, the Democrats have become that: whiny, envious, and totally unhinged. As George Will noted, of all the sins the Left had to embrace, they pick the one that doesn’t give you momentary pleasure.

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