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Snowflake Nation: How One Edit Set Off The Chernobyl Of Millennial Meltdowns

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There are snowflake stories…and then there are snowflake stories. Often times most are in the same level absurdity and intensity. A white person wore a sombrero; cops were drinking coffee at a Starbucks, or name any so-called cultural appropriation violations based on the rules of these morons, it’s all there. And no, they don’t get to throw that term back at us when we complain about those who trash law enforcement, the American flag, or any number of cultural events and traditions that normal people celebrate or cherish. No one cares about a white person being a Mexican for Halloween. It is, however, more controversial when you burn a flag in front of a mass of people because…‘orange man—bad.’ Conservatives get angry when you attack the country. You, crackpots, get mad over Halloween costumes. Go to bed, morons.


Yet, this snowflake meltdown is slightly more unusual. Apparently, telling someone they spelled something wrong is a triggering event. It’s the Chernobyl of snowflake meltdowns. It’s that, plus helicopter parenting, which formed a toxic cocktail with this story that was detailed in a lengthy, LENGTHY Twitter thread. 

Carol Blymire is a communications consultant, public relations professional, and an all-around jack-of-all-trades in this field. Earlier this month, she detailed a meltdown at a client’s office, where some young woman was very, VERY upset that she was told that she spelled hamster with a “p.” She explained to her boss that she has always spelled “hamster” “ham[p]ster” all her life. Well, that’s good; it’s still wrong. Her boss was by this account, professional and understanding, but this crazy gal just wouldn’t let it go. She called her mother (yeah, you read that right), and proceeded to criticize her boss for telling her that she was wrong about the word. She put it on speakerphone too, so everyone could hear these ramblings. It gives pause concerning the future of America if people get this worked up about an edit. 


You can read the rest of the thread here. It’s just unreal. You can’t make this up. And while we usually preface an event worth mocking with “laugh or cry,” this is just straight-up insanity. 

“I worry about how kids are being raised sometimes. I really do,” tweeted Blymire. Yeah, no kidding; this is nuts. 

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