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Michael Moore On Mueller Hearings: The Democrats Blew It

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It was not a good day for the pro-Trump impeachment Democrats. There was no re-ignition of that fire aimed at booting the president solely based on the fact that he won the 2016 election. Ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller had a double-header of hearings before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. He refused to answer close to 200 questions, even those within his purview. He totally avoided any question on the Trump dossier compiled by ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele, which set off this whole Russian collusion myth. That document was funded by the Clinton campaign after they contracted the research firm Fusion GPS. This group then hired Steele. The irony is that the Mueller report nuked the Trump dossier, which was already largely unverified. Mueller claimed to not be familiar with the firm, which is just too good to be true. You didn’t know? Who are you kidding, man? 


Often times, Mueller appeared frail, aloof, and unable to hear. He asked congressional Democrats and Republicans to repeat their questions multiple times and the answers he did offer really didn’t highlight much or add anything that what we already know. If anything, it appears the Mueller didn’t read or write his report. And some of the explanations, were, well trash. They didn’t make sense. Here’s Jerry Dunleavy and Caitlin Yilek of The Washington Examiner dissecting Rep. Brad Wenstrup’s (R-OH) question concerning whether the Trump campaign was involved in stealing Hillary campaign emails:

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a Republican from Ohio, asked Mueller whether it was “accurate to say that your investigation found no evidence that members of the Trump campaign were involved in the theft or publication of Clinton campaign-related emails?”

Mueller first paused and then asked Wenstrup to repeat the question, which the congressman did.

Mueller paused again, and then answered, “I don’t know, uh, uh, well — ”

Wenstrup got specific, quoting from Mueller's report. “On page five, it says your report ‘did not establish that any members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.’ So therefore it would be inaccurate, based on this, to describe that finding as open to doubt, that finding being that the Trump campaign was involved in the theft or publication of the Clinton campaign emails," he said

“Are you following that, sir?” Wenstrup asked.

“I do believe I am following it,” Mueller replied. “But it is, um, that portion of that matter does not fall within our jurisdiction, or fall within our investigation.”

But this statement from Mueller seems to contradict the very basis for his appointment as special counsel, since he was specifically selected to investigate Russian election interference efforts — which, in his own report, he concludes involved the Russian intelligence’s hacking of Democratic emails and their provision of those emails to Wikileaks to publish — and to what extent, if any, the Trump campaign was involved in those efforts.


Die-hard liberals like Michael Moore reacted more intensely. He had an ‘I told you so’ moment, telling those pundits who said to put faith in Mueller to “STFU.” I think you can fill in the blanks there. Laurence Tribe, a liberal lawyer, even admitted that today’s hearings were a disaster for Democrats. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, the network’s legal analyst, also conceded that Trump won the day. Who knew Wednesdays could be so good. 


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