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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Our friends at Twitchy picked up this story earlier this month, but it’s about intolerant liberals, so it’s evergreen. Apparently, some on the Left just can’t stand that some of their friends are supporters of President Trump. In some cases, it’s led to marriage troubles, the breaking up of relationships, and even the termination of friendships. It’s pathetic, but that’s the Left for you. This is a liberal America problem. For one Think Progress reporter, he just had to sever ties with a friend on social media because of her Make America Great Again hat. He detailed the whole sad affair:


As I was browsing Facebook last night, I saw a picture of an old high school friend celebrating the Fourth of July with her daughter on her lap. She was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Now, this friend and her family are evangelical Christians, and I’ve definitely disagreed with them on many things. But we’ve had respectful conversations about many topics in the past, even on the very personal issue of their anti-gay beliefs, and I believed that there was still mutual respect despite these significant disagreements. I’ve even stayed in their home in the past. But seeing her proudly wearing a MAGA hat in public — and with her daughter no less — violated this accord deeply.

It’s not just a hat. It’s a symbol of all of the oppression and injustice the Trump administration is responsible for. It’s an endorsement of caging kids, banning Muslims, firing trans people, and dozens of other ways Trump has undermined our democracy — up to and including the fascist military display that graced the National Mall last night. More than anything, “MAGA” represents the idea that some human lives are worth more than others.

I explained all of this to my old friend. To those inclined to reject the humanity of any particular group, a MAGA hat is a symbol of affirmation — license and encouragement to continue holding those beliefs. To members of those many rejected groups, it’s a threat — a warning that such prejudice is welcome in that person’s vicinity (and may come from them directly). It’s unacceptable to me to be subjected to that symbol from someone with whom I hypothetically have mutual trust.

I gave my friend an ultimatum. I told her I wouldn’t unfriend her so long as she apologized for wearing the hat and promised me I wouldn’t have to see it in my feed again. When she claimed I was trying to police her beliefs, I corrected her, pointing out that my conditions only regarded the hat, not her position on any particular issue. When she claimed that she’s equally offended by the Pride flag, I corrected her again, explaining that objecting to a symbol of inclusion is in no way comparable to objecting to a symbol of exclusion and that she was making a false equivalency. When she said, “If I can’t have an opinion about something then I guess I don’t really live in a free country,” I knew there was no longer enough common ground for us to have a relationship.


Oh, and this whole incident totally backs up the study that liberals are insanely more intolerant on social media than conservatives. It’s why the Left looks like idiots when they try to hurl the ‘snowflake’ line against us. No, you people have total meltdowns over white people wearing…sombreros. And going on insufferable moronic lectures about Halloween costumes. That is just one of many, many areas of political correctness where liberals make total fools of themselves, but then call conservatives ‘snowflakes’ when he voice our anger over, say, the American flag being burned, police being trashed by progressives, or the overall anti-American sentiments these jokes exhibit on a daily basis. Trashing this great country and its ideals is a lot different than going after two women for selling Mexican food because they’re white. And even then, we don’t end friendships over this nonsense. That’s you people. You’re condescension and aura of cultural superiority rings hollow when you start de-friending people for having different views. The truth is you all suck, and this story pretty much lays that out. Also, did you enjoy the ‘liberal special rules’ sentiment that’s Internet in this tale? 

‘We can do this, that, or the other because we’re liberals. We’re inclusive.’ I can’t roll my eyes any harder over this trash. Someone who supposedly is in the camp of inclusion just un-friended someone over a hat. Also, Bill Clinton also used the motto ‘make America great again.’ Is he canceled now too? Seriously, this is prime ‘get a life’ material. 


I have many, many liberal friends on Facebook. Yes, I see their hatred of this president. Yes, I see them calling Trump supporters racist and, therefore, calling me as such indirectly. Whatever—they can do that. It’s not maddening so much as it is motivating. I want Trump to win again in 2020. These people’s hatred only gets me more amped for the next election. And right now, it looks like no one in the 2020 field can beat Trump. I think a lot of Democrats feel the same way. Why do you think some lawmakers on the Hill are pushing impeachment so aggressively? They know it’s the only way to remove Trump from office. It’s not going to happen. Prepare for four more years of Trump, losers. 

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