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Bow Down, Pelosi: House Speaker Caves To Senate GOP On Immigration Bill

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

UPDATE: Trump Wins, House will pass the Senate-backed and totally bipartisan immigration bill


Via WaPo:

The House passed a $4.6 billion emergency spending bill for the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, after Democratic leaders scrapped efforts to amend the legislation to add more restrictions on the Trump administration.

The vote was 305-to-102 Thursday and the legislation heads to President Trump, who is expected to sign it, since the Senate already passed the bill earlier in the week. The measure will pump billions into the budgets of agencies, including the Health and Human Services Department, that have been overwhelmed by the influx of Central American migrants at the Southern border.


When this is all said and done, the liberal media and their Democratic allies need to endure a brutal and bloody lashing. The manufactured crisis at the border was real. Gee—the president has only been saying that for weeks. The Department of Homeland Security has said they were running out of money dealing with the horde of migrants storming the border. We all said this was happening and yet, Democrats thought this was a figment of Trump and conservative America’s imagination. Wrong. They were dead wrong. And it was only after bodies started to stack and children were left destitute thanks to Democratic intransigence on border security funding that they decided to realize that this actually a problem. You people caused this—all of it. And you will be made to remember it soon, you negligent, hypocritical morons.


The House passed an immigration bill that was straight trash. Yes, it provided $4.6 billion in aid, but came with strings attached to it that hampered immigration enforcement. The Senate rolled out their package. It was bipartisan. It provided the money needed. And it was grounded in reality concerning passage. At face value, a showdown was possible. That’s not the case. Pelosi caved (via Politico):

Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved toward voting on the Senate's border aid bill Thursday afternoon, capping four days of havoc amid a contentious debate within the House Democratic caucus over how to respond to the mounting humanitarian crisis.

In a stunning reversal, Pelosi halted a planned vote on the House Democrats' version of the border aid bill as she and her deputies faced a revolt by a group of more than 18 Democratic centrists, who vowed to tank the bill on the floor.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), a lead negotiator in the talks, emerged from an emergency leadership meeting in Pelosi's office and said the House would take up a clean version of the Senate’s bill — bowing to pressure from their party's moderates and Republicans.

"My understanding is we're going to do a clean Senate bill. I've been saying I'm OK on that," Cuellar said. "A lot of this stuff is already there guys, protocols are there," he added, pointing to a summary of the Senate bill.


House Democrats unveiled the new package overnight, which adds several Democratic provisions to the Senate’s $4.6 billion bill aimed at addressing the sprawling humanitarian crisis at the border. The additions — many of which come from the House’s competing legislation — would place additional restrictions on how the administration may spend the money and specify basic standards of care for the thousands of migrant children being held at the border, many in reportedly horrific conditions.

But a Trump administration official said early Thursday that the administration will oppose the House bill over the new policy additions — and without the promise of President Donald Trump’s signature it’s unlikely to attract the support of House and Senate Republicans. The official said the bill would lead to the closure of “already overwhelmed border facilities.”

Multiple Democratic moderates have raised their objections directly to the House leadership, specifically criticizing a move to reduce funding for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, compared to the Senate version. The tweak has been praised by many progressives, who have long sought to rein in ICE. But moderates, particularly in vulnerable seats, point out that it would amount to a cut from key programs like combating human trafficking.


The battle is over and Trump won. Conditions at some of these detention centers were said to be horrendous due to Democrats refusal to work with the White House on anything. Diapers, soap, and other basic supplies were reportedly in desperate need. One thing is for sure is that the anti-ICE wing of the Democratic Party is probably not going to be happy over this concession. Correction: they’ll probably have a meltdown.


UPDATE II: AOC was interviewed by Jake Tapper over this latest development. She said the Senate bill was "McConnell-only." That's patently false. I'll just leave this here:



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