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AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

When it comes to spewing anti-gun trash, there is no better salesman than the Democratic Party. Since 2012, Democrats have swing far to the left on the issue of gun control. We have 2020 candidates who are straight up peddling confiscation, bans, and a nauseatingly stupid talking point circling around so-called “military-style” rifles. It’s the same old game, but former President Barack Obama took the level of stupid to a new level in Brazil, where he said you could buy machine guns over the Internet. And this was a man who swore to uphold our laws for eight years. He doesn’t even know the basics of the National Firearms Act (via Washington Examiner) [emphasis mine]:

Barack Obama told an audience in Brazil that "our gun laws in the United States don’t make much sense" and claimed machine guns could be bought legally online.


"You know, without much, if any, regulation, they can buy it over the Internet, they can buy machine guns. And for me, having to speak to parents who have lost a child, just two days or a day after it had happened, and not being able to assure them that that would change, that we would fix this — I couldn’t bring their children back, but I couldn’t even promise them that we would change the law so this didn’t happen to somebody else’s children," he said.

There are about 300 federal and state gun laws that regulate the sale and acquisition of firearms in the United States. When it comes to internet gun sales, the firearm is sent to a gun dealer who holds a federal firearms license. An FBI background check is then conducted before the firearm is transferred to the buyer.

Of course, the National Rifle Association’s Dana Loesch called out the former president for peddling this anti-gun trash. It’s pure myth. The NFA regulates automatic firearms; all firearms purchases have to go through a background check from a FFL dealer. Even online sales, there are background checks. They all know this, but facts be damned if the overall narrative is the destruction of constitutional gun rights in America. That’s the goal. So, on we go with the Democrats and the media peddling myths, inaccuracies, and pure idiocy about firearms to keep this anti-gun fever alive on the Left. 

Also, did anyone catch the sheer lack of self-awareness about this whole bit? The Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski, a reporter who covers firearms—one of the few reporters who are assigned such a beat—aptly noted that Brazil has strict gun laws and an insanely high murder rate. The more you know, Barry. 

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