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Under Pressure: Nancy Pelosi Is About To Have The Weight Of The Liberal World On Her Over Trump’s Impeachment

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Okay, we’re back for a special episode because Micah is burnt out. He needed to abscond to Florida…after a three-day weekend. You cannot make this up. Three words, folks: Weak. Weak. Weak.  Anyways…on with the show, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced his departure from the DOJ. It’s over. The investigation is over. He’s done talking about it; he wants everyone to read his report about it, which was apparently also part of some cover-up concocted by AG William Barr…who pretty much reiterated everything Mueller said in his closing presser today. Oh, and Mueller thanked the attorney general today for how he’s handled the findings. Still, he seemed to rephrase the language concerning the Russian collusion findings, leaving it open to interpretation for the Left and he injected a new round of steroids into the obstruction allegations that Democrats seized on and took as an impeachment referral. Oh, Nancy Pelosi is going to have a lot of pressure on her soon. 


She says she doesn’t want to go down this route, though her party wouldn’t be in control of the House without promising, or heavily insinuating, that this would happen should they regained the lower chamber during the 2018 midterms. She tries to downplay the progressive Left’s influence on the caucus, and while small, they appear to have the entire party kowtowing to their agenda items. They recently derailed a simple non-binding resolution condemning anti-Semitism after Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) peddled an explicitly anti-Semitic talking point, accusing supporters of Israel of exhibiting dual loyalty. Pelosi now says all options are on the table, typical of Democrats these days when discussing this issue, while also saying she wants an “ironclad” case against the president. Yeah, sorry Nancy, this stopgap won’t delay the inevitable. Democrats are now gung-ho about impeachment. They’re going to push for it. And you’re either going to have to go with it, and risk animating the Trump base like the reactor core in Chernobyl, or corral the loudmouths into coming back to their senses. 


The crux of the Democrats’ argument for impeachment will be grounded in this obstruction allegation. So, if that’s the case, are we going to haul in ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele? He’s not cooperating with the DOJ’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation. Steele is the author of the Trump dossier, which was Clinton campaign-funded political opposition research that turned out to be straight trash. The Mueller report torpedoed it, but it’s been alleged to have been used as credible evidence to secure a FISA spy warrant against Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign. The FBI has stonewalled answering questions about whether it was verified at the time it was reportedly used to secure the spy warrant. From just a basic glance at some of the glaring errors in the document, it looks like the FBI didn’t even attempt to verify it  (via Daily Caller):

Christopher Steele, the author of the anti-Trump dossier, will not cooperate with an investigation led by a prosecutor handpicked by Attorney General William Barr to review the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, Reuters reports.

Barr appointed John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, to oversee the inquiry. President Donald Trump last Thursday also granted Barr the authority to declassify documents related to the government’s investigation and surveillance of the Trump campaign.

The FBI relied heavily on Steele’s dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Barr has said that he is concerned about the FBI’s use of Steele’s document, which had several of its core allegations debunked by the special counsel’s report.


If Democrats try to make an impeachment move, it’ll crash and burn in the Senate. And speaking of the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if a Supreme Court vacancy occurs in 2020, he’s going to fill it. Talk about Supreme revenge, folks—also it’s a pretty good documentary on PBS, which you should check out (via Time):

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he would work with President Donald Trump to fill a Supreme Court vacancy should one arise during next year’s presidential election, CNN reports.

The comments marked a reversal from his position in 2016, when he moved to block a nomination by then-President Barack Obama.

The question was posed by an attendee of a speaking appearance at the Paducah Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Kentucky, a video of which was shared on the local WPSD TV website.

“Should a Supreme Court justice die next year, what will your position be on filling that spot?” the attendee asked.

After a pause, McConnell answered, “Oh, we’d fill it.”

Yes, Democrats lobbed hypocrisy attacks. So what? They don’t play by the rules and neither should we in these circumstances. Also, they’re Democrats; who cares what they think. Storm explains how the Biden rule doesn’t apply in this instance either. 

We rounded out the episode with German officials telling its Jewish citizens not to wear Kippas in public. Ilhan Omar was unavailable for comment. Some Northwestern professor gave a social justice warrior commencement address at NYU. Definitely look up Harrison Floyd who is running for Congress in Georgia. And knocking off Democratic Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) could be upset if Roy Moore tries to run again. 


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