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Liberal Reporter on What Mueller Was ‘Clearly Doing’ By Giving That Statement Today

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is gone. He’s done. Finished. He really doesn’t want to discuss further the Russia investigation, which he helmed for two years, staffed with die-hard Democrats who found nothing to firmly pin President Trump to the Russian collusion myth. The report is definitive. There was no collusion. Democrats read that section of the report. We all know it, though he phrased it as if it were an open-ended question. It’s not. 


Progressive reporter and longtime Russia collusion skeptic Michael Tracey, formerly of the Young Turks, has been brutal in keeping the liberal media accountable for their Russian collusion myth peddling. He also thought that the release of the Mueller report wouldn’t kill the Russia-centric hysteria that’s engulfed the Left. Too much time and resources have been devoted to keeping this myth propped up. 

Yet, the area where we all knew the sandbags would be re-stacked is around obstruction junction. The lack of evidence to bring about formal charges was the initial story. Now, we have this long-standing policy that you cannot indict a sitting president. It’s all but a smoke signal to Congress to begin impeachment proceedings, which have been pretty much underway since Democrats retook the House in 2019. The subpoenas over the banking records, the tax returns, and the meltdown over AG Barr’s letter—all of these so-called oversight investigations and hearings are all geared towards impeachment, no matter what Pelosi says. They have to do this. The Left won based on impeaching Trump. And Mueller, as Tracey noted, gave Democrats a fresh injection of Russia fever. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said that all options are on the table. 

At the same time, what was also gutted was this whole Barr-Trump cover-up story, which was borne out of liberal America’s anger that Barr didn’t leak anything to them so that they could selectively edit the remarks to fit their trash narrative about Trump-Russia collusion. Mueller thanked Barr and didn’t mind the letter he sent to Congress concerning the contents of the report prior to release post-redaction. Mueller just didn’t like the media representation, which is a day that ends in “y” with any government official in this town. 


Fix bayonets, everyone and show no mercy. 2020 is going to be a bloody slog. 

We discussed this further on today's episode of Triggered:

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