Ilhan Omar's 'Black Hawk Down' Tweet Is What You'd Expect

Posted: Apr 22, 2019 5:25 PM
Ilhan Omar's 'Black Hawk Down' Tweet Is What You'd Expect

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Well, it’s Easter Monday, but that doesn’t mean we can take a day off from dredging up past tweets from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who is working very hard to show that she’s, well, terrible. She’s already proving herself to be a hard-core hater of Jewish people. She described the 9/11 terror attacks as an event, “where some people did something” at a CAIR event in March; CAIR allegedly has terror ties. These aren’t isolated incidents. These tweets and remarks are part of a pattern. It’s not the first time he’s dabbled in anti-Semitic tropes; local Minnesota Jewish leader sat her down back in 2012. After her pervasive anti-Jewish antics, and apparently not learning from anything from her past trip-ups, these folks are reportedly no longer going to treat her with kid gloves any more. She’s in the big leagues now. Will it impact her reelection chances? 

No, but that’s fine. She provided endless ammunition to use against the Democratic Party, whom she has given immense heartburn over her peddling anti-Semitic. A House resolution was drafted against anti-Semitism, but that got bungled since more than a few Democrats thought it was unfair to single Omar out. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was unable to keep crazy under wraps. What came of this was a watered down resolution against bad things. It was total garbage. The remarks that prompted this drama: Omar said that supporters of Israel exhibited dual loyalty. Yeah, that’s one of the oldest bigoted remarks against Jewish people to date.

What’s new for Ms. Omar? Oh, nothing other than rooting for the Somali forces of the late Warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid, who starved his own people, during the nation’s brutal civil war in the early 1990s. The U.S. sent an intervention force; we conducted a raid to nab his top lieutenants, which was popularized in the book and later its film adaptation “Black Hawk Down.” It led to a ferocious firefight that left 18 American soldiers dead. Who does Omar apparently root for in this case? Well, that would be Aidid's forces, of course. This little gem was dug up from 2017. It was part of Omar's remarks on the terror bombing that had occurred in Mogadishu in October of 2017. 

So, is she America's most ungrateful immigrant? Remember, her family fled Somalia reportedly to escape this mess...and her take in this instance is to draw some equivalence between American forces and that of Aidid's who were trying to kill our guys. Par for the course. 

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Huge kudos to John Rossomando and the Investigative Project on Terrorism for finding this.