Good News: Trump Is About To Torch The Democrats On The Mueller Report Again

Posted: Apr 15, 2019 12:20 PM
Good News: Trump Is About To Torch The Democrats On The Mueller Report Again

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The wait is over. It’s here. The Mueller report will be released on Thursday. And I’m pretty confident it will be another day, another news cycle, and another weekend where the Democrats and the liberal media eat crap again over their Russian collusion peddling. It's expected to be around 400 pages long, and it will be redacted. One thing is for sure: President Donald Trump is about to have another good day ripping the Democrats over this witch-hunt. 

Via Axios:

What to watch: The report is expected to be around 400 pages, not including underlying evidence. Attorney General Bill Barr said he would color code redacted information that falls into 4 categories, and that each redaction will include explanatory notes.

Those categories include:

  • Material subject to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure (6e) that cannot be made public.
  • Material the intelligence community identifies as potentially compromising sensitive sources and methods.
  • Material that could affect other ongoing matters, including those that the special counsel has referred to other Department offices.
  • Information that would unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties.

Barr told a House Appropriations subcommittee that once the redacted version of the report is sent to Congress, he would be "glad to talk to [House Judiciary] Chairman Nadler and [Senate Judiciary] Chairman Graham as to whether they feel they need more information and see if there’s a way we could accommodate that."