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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There are now seven women who have alleged former Vice President Joe Biden was inappropriate with them. One woman alleged that the veep’s hands were placed on her thigh, which made her uncomfortable, but they all have a similar pattern: unwanted touching that totally creeped them out, which is sexual harassment by today’s standards. These are the Left’s rules and so far, they’re not holding Joey Biden to their standards of total destruction and bypassing due process.


Biden did release a video on Twitter where he said that he gets it; he’ll stop manhandling women on the campaign trail. He also didn’t apologize to his accusers. Some people, like Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), have said that one allegation isn’t disqualifying. Well, now there are several. Others have tried to play on the fact that Joe is just affectionate. It’s crap. Joe is a total predator…based on liberal America’s rules. 

President Trump kicked off the National Republican Congressional Committee’s dinner by poking fun at Biden over his recent Me Too drama. He mentioned in his remarks about a meeting he had with a general who said significant progress could be made on the border wall project in a week’s time. Trump wanted to kiss the man, saying, “I wanted to kiss the general, like Joe Biden.” He also said he hopes the Democrats run on the Green New Deal, though he added if he loses in 2020, he deserves it if he can’t make the argument that this left-wing project is total garbage for the country.


The 2020 Democratic clown car continues to spew nonsense into the air from the exhaust pipe, with Julian Castro saying that welcome centers should be established for new illegal aliens. The situation at the border is, as you already know, a total disaster. We can’t process these people. Nearly 100,000 are expected to be apprehended by the end of the month…that we know about. Is it time to shut down the border? 

On the Hill, there is one chamber that’s pushing the Trump agenda aggressively. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has ended the 30 hours of debate for Trump executive nominees. We have to get these people confirmed. And the Democrats can thank their guy—Harry ‘I broke my face working out’ Reid—for nuking the filibuster.

Today in media, The New York Times published a shoddy story about how some of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators aren’t happy with the summary Attorney General Barr issued to Congress, and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams thinks she won the 2018 race. Fact check: she didn’t. 


Finally, we have the smorgasbord. We have nearly 400 cases of measles across 15 states. Folks, vaccinate your kids. Fox News continues to dominate the ratings war and the police used a fake bomb threat to install cameras inside the "spa" that New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft visited before the NFL's AFC championship game. I hate the Patriots, but Kraft deserves to be set free. 

Also, we have some cool guests in the works. We’ll let you know more on that later, but for now—enjoy the weekend.


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