RESIST: Oh, So This Is How New Jersey Is Going To Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 2020...

Posted: Feb 22, 2019 7:45 AM
RESIST: Oh, So This Is How New Jersey Is Going To Keep Trump Off The Ballot In 2020...

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

Oh, give it a rest, guys. While the liberal media and their Democratic allies have been lusting over this Russia collusion nonsense, there is another story they cling to like barnacles: Trump’s tax returns. They want to know them. They think there’s corruption in them, or that there’s something his supporters might not like. I’m skeptical about the latter and absolutely couldn’t care less about the former. Trump is rich. Rich people have the resources to find loopholes. If everyone had such resources, they all would find the loopholes that could afford them to pay less in taxes. That’s the point. Only an idiot willingly wants to pay more taxes. Trump refused to release his returns during the 2016 election. So, in order to coerce him into doing so, New Jersey passed a bill that would keep Trump off the 2020 ballot if he doesn’t commit to full transparency on this issue. The state senate passed it this week. It now goes to the state assembly, where it could reach Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s desk. It’ll probably pass. The Garden State is a deep blue state, where the Democrats control all in Trenton (via The Hill):

The New Jersey state Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to pass a bill that would keep presidential candidates off the state’s 2020 ballot unless they release their tax returns.

According to the Courier Post, the Democratic-controlled state Senate passed the measure along party lines in a 23-11 vote on Thursday, sending the bill to the Assembly committee and full legislature for a vote before it heads to the desk of Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for consideration.

The controversial measure would deny candidates for president and vice president a spot on the state ballot if they do not publicly release five of their most recent tax returns at least 50 days before the general election in 2020.

The bill, if passed, would also bar the state’s electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president as part of the Electoral College system if they choose not to comply with the legislation. 

President Trump has drawn ongoing criticism over his refusal to publicly release his tax returns, the first major-party White House candidate in decades not to do so.

The New Jersey legislature passed the same bill in 2017, but the measure was blocked by a veto from then-Gov. Chris Christie (R), who called it a “transparent political stunt" at the time.

Yeah, expect more such nonsense along the Acela Corridor, especially when this Mueller probe drops a nothing burger concerning their report into the Trump campaign, the 2016 election, and whether the president’s campaign team colluded with the Kremlin to win the race.