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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The Left Coast is pushing forward with its gun control agenda. Dominated by liberals on coastal cities, Oregon and California have already passed restrictive gun control laws. It’s as expected from these progressive bastions. Oregon is proposing laws that would make the only legal firearms to own in the state the ones that Davy Crockett used. I exaggerate, but you get my point. Washington looks to complete the West Coast’s evisceration of gun rights. New ballot initiatives passed once again due to the urban-rural divide, but there’s a wrinkle in the Left’s plan to curb constitutional rights: rural sheriffs. Washington’s sheriffs vow to resist enforcing these new laws (via The Guardian):


In Washington state, a freshly implemented ballot initiative and a raft of new bills may produce some of the tightest firearms regulations in the US. But standing in the way is a group of rural law enforcement officers who say point blank that they won’t enforce any of it.


In November, the state’s voters handily passed an initiative, I-1639, which mostly targeted semi-automatic rifles. As of 1 January, purchasers of these weapons must now be over 21, undergo an enhanced background check, must have completed a safety course, and need to wait 9 days to take possession of their weapon. Also, gun owners who fail to store their weapons safely risk felony “community endangerment” charges.

Feeling the wind at their backs after the ballot, gun campaigners and liberal legislators have now gone even further in the new legislative session. Bills introduced in the last week to Washington’s Democrat-dominated legislature look to further restrict firearms. Some laws would ban high capacity magazines and plastic guns made with 3D printers. Others would mandate training for concealed carry permits, and remove guns and ammo during and after domestic violence incidents


I-1639 passed on a roughly 60-40 split; in the big, blue counties west of the Cascade Mountains, such as King county, where Seattle is located, the margins were even bigger.

However, 27 of Washington’s 39 counties rejected the ballot measure. Many of those counties are in the state’s more rural, sparsely populated districts.

It is in these counties that many – including sworn officers – are promising to resist the laws.


The sheriff in Ferry county, Ray Maycumber, told the Guardian that he would not be enforcing the laws either, at least until the NRA’s litigation is completed.

“There’s a window of time when I get to make the assessment”, he said. Should the NRA not succeed, he said, he would “consider if I want to go on in the job”.


You see liberals. The cries of “resist” go both ways. The only difference is that our side is right, and yours is wrong. The Second Amendment is quite clear, fighting for it is popular, and it’s about protecting freedom and the Constitution. The Left’s resistance antics are all due to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost. You can’t get all huffy about these rural sheriffs subverting the will of the people of Washington, as if Seattle really represents the whole state, but then support government officials to engaging in deep state antics in D.C. to subvert…the will of the people in the 2016 election. 

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