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AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

In the urban bastions of liberal America, it’s not an issue. They don’t care about the border. They don’t want border security. All they see when they look at these migrants are votes. They want amnesty. And when people talk about enforcing federal immigration laws or erecting a barrier to secure the border, it must be part of some white nationalist agenda. Protecting one’s border is a national security priority. President Trump promised a border wall and an immigration agenda that actually enforced the laws on the books. The government is shut down over some of the border wall funding. The Trump White House asked for $5 billion for some of the wall. Democrats aren’t willing to give him one-cent; they just retook the House in the 2018 midterms. They were elected to fight Trump. 


It explains why Democrats rejected outright Trump’s reported proposal to re-open the government in exchange for some of the border wall funding. They’re more concerned about scoring points with Trump than having a rational counteroffer. The Democratic Party is urban and coastal. They don’t know the situation on the ground. The Border States do, and for Sheriff Mark Napier of Pima County, Arizona, he’s known we’ve had a border crisis for nearly three decades. Napier was on a New York Times podcast where he was quite clear that he’s been dealing with this crisis for the 31 years he’s been enforcing the law. With the bodies that are found, the drugs pouring across the border and the scores of human trafficking victims, Sheriff Napier was noted that out here—it’s not really a legitimate political debate about whether they’re facing a crisis or not. He also said that our current immigration system incentivizes families to trek hundreds of miles with their children on a perilous journey that often times ends tragically. That had to end (via

During the podcast interview, which was released Friday morning, Napier told host Michael Barbaro the main crisis on the border is the number of migrants who die every year while trying to cross the desert into Arizona. In 2017, 128 sets of remains were recovered in Pima, Santa Cruz and Cochise counties, according to the Pima County medical examiner.

Napier said the current system incentivizes migrants to take their children and “walk hundreds of miles through environmental conditions that are harsh, through areas of criminality in the hope of getting to America and being able to simply walk across.”

“That’s a human rights issue that we should not incentivize,” he said.

Napier said physical barriers are part of the solution and praised President Donald Trump for leading Tuesday night’s address to the nation by mentioning the humanitarian crisis.


So, it’s a crisis, Democrats. And while you may hate Trump, he’s the only one with sensible policy solutions aimed at tackling the problem. They’re also solutions that are favored by those who, you know, are tasked with keeping our borders safe. 


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