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Boom: Air Force Veteran's GoFundMe Campaign For Trump's Wall Surges Past $13 Million In Four Days

Well, the GoFundMe campaign to build President Trump’s border wall raised over $500,000 in two days. On the third day, it blew past $5 million. We’re now four days into the campaign and it’s raised more than $13 million. The effort launched by Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage has a goal of $1 billion. He said he’s mirroring this effort off of the $7.5 million donation that was forked over to repair the Washington Monument. With the government is hours away from a shutdown over border wall funding, why not donate if you support border security. In the meantime, an alternate liberal fundraiser to collect money for ladders to scale Trump’s wallis not nearly as successful (via Axios):


A GoFundMe created to raise money for President Trump's border wall has raised over $11 million [UPDATE: Over $13 million] in four days, but that's a small fraction of its $1 billion goal.

Why it matters: Congress is in a stalemate over the border wall. The House passed a short-term funding that includes $5.7 billion for border security, but the Senate, which passed their own bill that did not include the amount of wall funding Trump has demanded, will likely shoot it down. President Trump said last week that he'd accept full responsibility for a shutdown over wall funding, but said this morning that Democrats will be to blame if the Senate fails to pass the House's bill.


The other side: A counter-fundraiser has raised over $74,000 of a $100 million goal for ladders to get over the border wall. If either of the fundraisers' goals are not met, the ladder GoFundMe will donate its cash to the Texas-based nonprofit Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).


Kolfage has updated the page regularly, adding an address for people to mail checks and noting that donations made in the name of celebrities would be refunded. If you wish to donate, please go here


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