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Well, it’s official. Trump has beaten his first Democratic opponent, and I use that term generously. Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has decided he’s not running for president in 2020. BASTA! Yeah, we’ve all had enough of this clown, even Democrats—who are probably secretly fuming that he inserted himself into the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation fight with a nut job who had a totally unbelievable and completely unsubstantiated story that the judge was part of a gang rape ring in high school. The two other women who had accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct also had similar shoddy stories that were totally baseless. How bad were they? The New York Times refused to do stories on two of them because they couldn’t confirm anything. Christine Blasey Ford, the first accuser, had more of a story—but details were still hazy, many of which, if not all, were unable to be verified. 


Avenatti also represented Stormy Daniels, an adult entertainer who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump years ago. Daniels now claims that the defamations suit fled against Trump on her behalf by Avenatti was done against her wishes. The ferociously anti-Trump lawyer was also arrested on domestic violence charges, but the local DA refused to move forward with the case.   

Some are certainly relived. I was hoping for an Avenatti run, chaos on the convention floor, and more in-kind contributions to the Trump campaign with his idiotic antics. Sadly, that won’t be under the Christmas tree this year. Concerning pollsters, like Nate Silver, he noted that Avenatti support was total garbage, he would have embarrassed himself, and lost badly. Well, yeah…that’s what we wanted. 


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