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In Today's Episode Of What In The Fresh Hell Is This, CNN's Cuomo Says Trump Is Harder On The Press Than Putin

CNN is the center of anti-Trump hysteria, and the network never fails to serve up something absurd to keep their liberal audiences happy, along with all the poor souls subjected to their coverage while waiting at America’s airports. The recent tension in Ukraine is a serious situation. Russia rammed naval ships belonging to Ukraine, its sailors were seized, and now the Ukrainian president has declared martial law. Relations between the two nations are at their lowest levels, and it’s possible violence could spill over. So, of course, since the Trump White House isn’t firing nuclear missiles at Moscow, the liberal media is wondering why there hasn’t been a robust response, or something. Cue the ‘Trump is a Russian puppet’ nonsense. Cue the Russian collusion conspiracy theories. It’s all trash. Again, there’s zero evidence that the Trump camp colluded with the Kremlin during the 2016 election, but let’s circle back to the response. Where was the criticism lobbed at the Obama administration when Russia straight up annexed Crimea? You know that time the Obama-ites decided to spin this military action not as an invasion, but an “uncontested arrival.” 


Obama sad some weak ass speech, and the world moved on. Russia certainly was emboldened because Obama was worse than a puppet figurehead; they could anticipate his every move, as did most of the world. Hence, why Bashar al-Assad felt it was okay for him to allegedly gas his own people; he knew Obama would do nothing. And he was right. So, spare us the lectures about the inaction when it comes to Putin, Russia, and Ukraine. 

This week host Chris Cuomo said that Trump was harder on the American press than Vladimir Putin. Okay—that’s it. That’s demonstrably false. Has Trump allegedly killed those who criticize him? No. In Russia, there are scores of Putin critics in the press who whose deaths were a bit suspicious to say the least. Oh, and some have been killed in Ukraine as well. Journalism in Russia in general is a career pursuit that tempts fate. So, no, Russia is like the kiss of death for journalists, especially those who criticize Putin who isn’t a beacon for press freedom. It seems for some history didn’t begin until 2016.

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