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The left wing freak outs on social media, the stupid commentaries by liberal politicians, and the media coverage at the border aims to undercut the Trump administration. They think it could hurt the president. It won’t. In fact, keep the coverage going. We have Democratic senators wondering if we’ve violated the chemical weapons convention by teargasing a bunch of illegal trying to rush the border. Nope—that’s well within reason to control a mob. You just can’t enter the U.S., folks. It never ceases to amaze me how liberal don’t understand that. Also, the liberal media did a stellar job blowing up their own narrative. For weeks, we’ve heard this trash about how this isn’t an invasion, how it’s full of women and children, and how they’re all good people. Nope. There are scores of criminals in this horde of illegals. They’re bad hombres, most are men, and they’re not looking for asylum. MSNBC’s own reporting staff found that on the ground yesterday. Yet, let’s get back to the blitz this horde executed on the border. It only makes the case for why we need to build President Trump’s border wall, according to the Dallas Morning News’ editorial board:

We are all cringing at the images of migrants, including women and children, fleeing tear gas at the southern California border.

At the same time, we have to separate the emotion of those images from the reality that a lawless surge at border checkpoints is going to draw a response from the law enforcement agents we have charged with keeping order. When dozens of migrants attempted to cross the border illegally and began hurling rocks at U.S. Border Patrol Agents, the agents had little choice but to employ tear gas to disperse the crowd.


…even as we work to promote more lawful and prosperous societies abroad, we shouldn’t condemn our own law enforcement here for doing their jobs in the face of all but impossible circumstances.

Whatever one thinks of what Trump says or tweets, particularly about his hope to build a massive border wall, it doesn’t excuse migrants rushing at our border patrol. We have laws governing immigration — whether for people seeking asylum, for those looking to gain work visas or those hoping to become citizens. Immigrants must respect our laws, just as we must. Border Patrol agents used the tear gas as a last resort, not as a first option. We’re sympathetic to the frustrations of those who made the dangerous trip to the border. The application for asylum takes time and right now, U.S. officials don’t have the resources to do the job.

And no, these illegals aren’t like the Jewish people fleeing the Nazis; Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez threw that ridiculous comparison into the mix. They’re not getting in here that easily anymore. We have a new sheriff in town, and we’re finally enforcing our immigration laws. Keep the border tight, secure, and keep the illegals out. 

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