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The 2018 midterms are here. It’s close. It was never that way heading into October. The Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was vicious. It was nasty. It was the weaponization of the Me Too movement in an attempt to clip a qualified judge from taking his spot on the court; Kavanaugh was besieged at the last minute with baseless and unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct. It was a slog, but Kavanaugh was confirmed earlier this month. It also lit a fire under the GOP base, which was at long last energized, infuriated, and ready to vote, especially GOP women. While Democrats saw credible accusers being mocked (they weren’t)—only a crack head could see them as credible—everyone with rational cognitive function saw a witch-hunt and basic unfairness being displayed before them. Due process was tossed out the window. The women who hurled these trash allegations didn’t have any evidence or corroborating witnesses—and belief is not evidence.     


This is how far Democrats are willing to go to win. Imagine if they’re in control. Right now, U.S. salaries have reached their highest levels in ten years, second-quarter growth was four percent, third-quarter was a solid 3.5 percent, unemployment is at 3.7 percent, over three million jobs have been created, and consumer and small business confidence levels reached their highest marks in decades. And all of this was due to the Trump tax cuts. 

This is what’s at stake next week. The Democrats aim to kill this economic boom by suffocating it with a pillow. They’re willing to cater to far left whackos who have an agenda that will cost us trillions and have no idea how to pay for it. They’re willing to use gossip to destroy their enemies. No matter what the cost, stopping the Democrats is what’s key—and the Kavanaugh fight reminded the rank-and-file about that (via WaPo):

The SurveyMonkey poll finds 41 percent of Republicans mentioned “Democrats” or the Democratic Party when explaining the reason for their congressional vote, more than any other single word and up 15 percentage points from August, when 28 percent said the same.


Republicans’ increasing focus on Democrats in their congressional vote was not paralleled by an increase in Democrats’ focus on Republicans — 36 percent mentioned the GOP in explaining their vote in the most recent data, compared with 34 percent in August. Democrats were also no more likely to name President Trump at the end of the Kavanaugh nomination process than in late August (15 percent vs. 18 percent).


Also notable is how the increase in voters mentioning Democrats as a reason for their vote was limited to Republicans. The share of independents who mentioned Democrats when asked why they are supporting a party for Congress was 21 percent in August and 22 percent in the new survey, while the share of Democrats mentioning their own party declined slightly (from 21 percent to 17 percent).

Republicans’ verbatim responses show none used McConnell’s “mob” to describe how Democrats factored into their vote, but the sentiment from many focused on similar criticisms of Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings and beyond.


A Republican voter from Minnesota wrote: “Democrats or progressives have made a mockery of the Supreme Court nomination process.” A Texas Republican wrote, “Democrats are obstructionists,” while another from Tennessee said, “I oppose the democrats way of dirty politics.” Along similar lines, a Republican in Florida said, “Dems have become bullies and liars.”

Another set of Republicans mentioned more ideological criticisms of Democrats that were prevalent in the August SurveyMonkey poll, including a Colorado Republican who explained his vote, “because the democrats are no better than communists.” A Republican from Indiana wrote the reason for his congressional vote is that the “Democratic Party is too far left,” while another Republican from Oregon wrote, “Democrats are about destroying America with Socialism. ”

Some Republicans described general criticisms of Democrats as being extreme or dangerous, saying the party is “ruining this wonderful country,” that “Democrats are anti-American” or that “Democrats are destroying liberty.” A Virginia Republican said: “Democrats are deranged. Offer no ideas. Only hate.”

This broad range of Republican voter rationales suggests that the Kavanaugh debate may have reinforced a range of negative views toward Democrats being obstructionist, extreme or un-American rather than specific concerns about handling the Supreme Court nomination process. In fact, very few respondents of any partisan background mentioned Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court or other related terms in explaining their vote.


This is who they are, folks. Venus flytraps, whirlpools, vampires…Democrats are anything that will bring death and destruction. We all know this, and we also know that their allies in the elite media will provide them with ample cover to hide their misdeeds and hypocrisies. 

Forget all of that. Fighting the media is always going to be a battle. It’s the long war. Focus on just getting to the polls and informing your fellow GOP friends to get to the polls. We have to win this election. We have to keep the House; the Senate is a GOP lock. Win this election, own the liberals, and watch them have another meltdown. Now, I can’t think of a better way to start the Thanksgiving season.

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