AZ Sen: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's Senate Bid Has Become A Total Train Wreck

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 2:20 PM
AZ Sen: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's Senate Bid Has Become A Total Train Wreck

The Arizona Senate race is one that Democrats think they can pick up. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is unpopular; the latest crop of Republicans that have represented the state have disappointed conservatives and its trending blue. It’s going to be tight. 

Right now, Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally and Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema are duking it out. Sinema had a commanding lead, but the vicious fight over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh gave the GOP base a boost, plus the serial bad news from Sinema’s past activist history has turned her Senate run into something of a dumpster fire. There’s no way to spin some of this insanity. No way. Her anti-war activism, her ties to the far left, trashing her state and stay-at-home mothers, and promoting events for a lawyer with terrorism ties, among other things, it’s been a slow-moving train wreck.

Let’s go through the road bumps in what has become a disaster of a political campaign.

To protest the Iraq War, Sinema reportedly tried to summon witches to a protest. She has compared U.S. deaths in Iraq to those who have died illegally crossing the border:

To state that immigration is not a war or is not equal in magnitude to war, I believe, dishonors those who have died in this country and others as migrants. I volunteer with a group called No Mas Muertes—No More Deaths—and I cannot explain to you the pain that I suffered one hot day last July as I scoured the desert along with scores of others for the bodies of those who have died tortuous and painful deaths in our desert … Death is death, and to rank one form of death as being somehow more important than other death [sic] does us no good as humans. The deaths that people suffer in the Mexico-Arizona desert are the same as the deaths that people suffer in the Iraq desert—they are needless, senseless deaths. 

Oh, and what was that remark about joining the Taliban?

Her biggest anti-war event was a February 15, 2003, protest in Patriot's Square Park in Phoenix. Flyers, as first reported by CNN's KFile, distributed by an anti-war group led by Sinema depicted a US soldier as a menacing skeleton inflicting "U.S. terror" in Iraq and the Middle East.

In her activism for that event, Sinema was willing to work with all groups, including a local anarchist group that helped organize the rally. Appearing on the radio show of local libertarian activist Ernest Hancock a day before the event, Sinema said, "Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, independents, anarchists, socialists, communists, whoever wants to come. They're all welcome."

Later, Sinema and Hancock discussed their political views, with Hancock taking up the libertarian argument against intervention and raising as a hypothetical against Sinema's worldview if she would oppose him joining the Taliban army.

"Now you would say, maybe we do owe something to the world, as long as it's nice and sweet and peaceful and what you want to do," Hancock said to Sinema on his show, "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock."

"Well it's not so much a candy cane kind of theory as you're making it stand out," Sinema responded. "But I do think that those of us who are privileged to have more do owe something to others."

"By force?" Hancock asked. "By me, as an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I'm fighting for the Taliban. I'm saying that's a personal decision..."

"Fine," Sinema interjected, "I don't care if you want to do that, go ahead."

With Antifa and other left-wing nutjobs harassing normal people and destroying property, you’d think a levelheaded person would condemn property destruction. It’s a no-brainer; Sinema doesn’t have that history:

A decade before she took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution, Rep. Krysten Sinema was palling around with anarchists. And while the Arizona Democrat certainly condemns violence now, as a far-left activist, Sinema refused to condemn anarchist destruction of property.

Emails from June 2002 and obtained by the Washington Examiner give insight into Sinema's work as a community organizer for the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice. The group, she wrote at the time, “opposed the use of violence and weapons in all situations” and “believes in world disarmament.” For all those high-minded ideals though, Sinema wasn’t ready to force her beliefs on anarchists.

“When AAPJ attended May Day (sponsored by the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition), we knew that their guidelines differ from ours,” Sinema emailed a fellow protester. “They are okay with weapons and property destruction in some instances, and so those of us who chose to attend the event knew that it would be inappropriate to ask someone to not destroy property or to carry a weapon.”

Wait—she also promoted events for a lawyer with terror ties? Yep:

U.S. Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema promoted events at Arizona State University featuring a lawyer convicted for aiding an Islamist terror organization and its leader.

Sinema, a co-founder of the activist group Local to Global Justice, invited people in a now-closed Yahoo group to attend two events with Lynn Stewart, both in 2003.

At the time of the invite, Stewart had been charged with helping her former client Omar Abdel Rahman, a radical Egyptian spiritual leader of a terror group, to pass on secret messages to his followers to commit terror attacks.

Rahman was a former client of Stewart’s who was charged and sentenced to life in the 1990s for plotting to blow up the United Nations, an FBI building, two tunnels, and a bridge in New York City.

She’s called Arizonans crazy people who live in a meth lab of democracy. It’s a mess. Oh, you bet McSally brought up the Taliban remarks, which Sinema tried to pivot by saying McSally was trying to smear her campaign, not giving the full picture, and that she’s always fought for Arizona. Yeah, no one should buy this; even local media isn’t buying it, noting that Kyrsten Sinema of 2018 is the pod person version of whom they’ve known since 2002:

Eat Popcorn As Democrats Eat Themselves
Kurt Schlichter

A veteran reporter from Arizona said Wednesday that Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, has changed as a politician over the past several years, specifically pointing to her debate performance on Monday as an example of how she has shifted over time.

"Right now, this is Kyrsten Sinema circa 2018 running against Kyrsten Sinema 2002 to 2010," said Brahm Resnik, a reporter and anchor for KPNX Phoenix. "And Kyrsten Sinema has not really put herself out there for people like me, reporters. We get maybe four-minute bursts of interviews at events. So they're not doing that."

"You saw this debate where people saw a very controlled, measured Kyrsten Sinema," Resnik continued. "And to those of us who have known her for many years, as I have, that's not the Kyrsten Sinema we met, say, 15 years ago."

And let’s not forget that she called stay-at-home moms, a favorite target for the feminist Left, leeches. So, she’s insulted women voters, Arizonans, veterans, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t think like her. No one should trust Sinema as a centrist Democrat. And what her history has shown is that she was on the loony train way before it was cool for mainstream Democrats to consider purchasing a ticket in the Trump era. The race remains tight, with McSally taking a very, very slim lead in a recent round of polling.