CNN Host: I Wonder What Racist Things Were Going Through Trump's Head During Kanye West Meeting

Posted: Oct 16, 2018 8:00 AM
CNN Host: I Wonder What Racist Things Were Going Through Trump's Head During Kanye West Meeting

We already know the liberal media had a total meltdown over Kanye West’s visit to the White House last week. MSNBC called it an “assault on our White House.” I forgot about CNN. Yes, CNN had its own little moment of insanity when host Chris Cuomo ripped the meeting, citing West’s mental health issues and wondering what racist thoughts were going through President Trump’s mind during the visit. Yeah, you read that right (via RCP):

Cuomo said didn't care about what West said, he wanted to know what racist thoughts were going on in the president's head.

My curiosity wasn't about what came out of Kanye's mouth. My wonder went to what is going on in Trump's head," Cuomo said.

"Let's take a look at him. Here is my educated guess, OK? Other than a warm serotonin flush of happy hormone, imaginary headlines, blacks loves Trump, he's blacker than Obama," Cuomo, imagining racist scenarios that he thinks Trump would think up, said.

Cuomo did criticize the media for giving the media all the hype that they did, acting like it was an important summit between two world leaders.

"Why fan the flames of the foolish?" he asked.

Cuomo accused the president of not caring about West's wellbeing, he's just concerned about getting his black approval numbers above a "pathetic" 10 percent.

"While he raised legit issues of jobs and inner city concerns, when you hear the dissociative ramblings of a man one prized for his intellect and education, there's something wrong there," Cuomo said of West.

What’s rich is Cuomo’s slight dig at the media for their coverage of this event. He noted that West isn’t popular for his political views on policy, but his music. He isn’t a sociopolitical leader; though Obama had plenty of celebrities who aren’t top-tier thought leaders waltz on in to give their nonsense two-cent plugs for whatever policy made Barry look good at the time. No complaints from the media then because these folks were die-hard liberals. West can’t be pigeonholed. He wears a MAGA hat and dons a Colin Kaepernick t-shirt, but it’s his independence that has the liberal media up in arms. He’s a black man; he can’t say nice things about Trump or support his agenda. Those are the rules for people of color if you’re a Democrat, enforced by a predominately elite and white slice of the party, which makes this all the more ironic. Oh, and as for the media criticism, CNN needs to shut the hell up. You gave this man $2 billion in free media in 2016. He’s now president. And you’re ratings would be straight trash without him, so you’re not fooling anyone, CNN. Also, Trump’s support among black Americans is rising, according to an NAACP poll. That survey registered Trump support among African Americans at 21 percent.

This election has broken people. At CNN, it's been quite remarkable. That's all I'll say.