Feminist Writer on Kavanaugh Supreme Court Fight: Divorce Your Republican Husbands

Posted: Oct 08, 2018 2:10 PM
Feminist Writer on Kavanaugh Supreme Court Fight: Divorce Your Republican Husbands

Some people had trouble with the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. For left-wingers, it was another episode of Meltdown Theater. Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed by a 50-48 vote on Saturday, but the road to get here was insanely bumpier than originally projected. 

Three sexual misconduct allegations—all without evidence or corroborating witnesses—opened the door for Democrats, who dropped these allegations at the last minute, to execute one of the most vicious character assassination campaigns in recent memory. If they couldn’t block him, they were going to destroy his life, his family, and his reputation. All I can say is I can’t wait until it’s our turn to get a true scalp: the destruction of a liberal judge’s nomination who doesn’t get the votes. Democrats set a precedent. Let’s play by their rules. 

This is war. These people aren’t our friends. They’re the enemy. Period. Let’s start throwing punches.

I’m happy we have a solid conservative majority on the Court for the next generation, but the Left is still gunning after Kavanaugh. Keep the powder dry and the bayonets fixed. We may have to skewer more Democrats if they continue this assault on Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

For feminists, well, they’ve been tearing their hair out and acting like the hordes of Mordor throughout this process. They say November is coming. Thanks, we all know that too. Also, the places where you dwell—cities, urban America, the Acela Corridor—you can have them. They’re deep blue piles of trash anyway. The already deep blue slices of America will get bluer this cycle. I get it. That’s not how you’re going to win elections, especially when the full might of the GOP and Trump machines are mobilized to destroy whoever the Democrats pick in 2020. 

For Jill Filipovic, contributing op-ed writer for The New York Times, she had a rather unhinged proposal for women: divorce your Republican husbands. Truth be told, I’m a fan of Filipovic. I like her writing, even though I disagree with everything she says. She’s a good window into the feminist Left. 

Also, before our side gets all worked up, this is what the Left does. They peddle bull crap on social media that's so far out there, they make you wonder if a sane person thinks like this. Well, she does—apparently—but not before expressing satisfaction that her tweet irritated the Right.

Whatever, folks—we won, and they lost. Leave it at that. You don’t need to respond to every liberal on social media who dishes out half-baked nonsense. We won, they lost, and you all got owned. I don’t need to have an in-depth discussion. That right is reserved for the winner’s circle. Kavanaugh is on the Court, and there is nothing you can do about it. So, when some lefty tries to troll, just say, yeah, well we have the fifth vote that will make abortion illegal. 

Remember, this isn’t a serious debate. Just poke and prod to get those liberal blood pressures up—and watch the show. They’ll scream. And after all that, just say "Keep America Great 2020" and shotgun a beer.

“I like beer.” Repeat one more time, and then walk away. Lick those wounds you liberal loser. And when Ruth Bader Ginsburg decides it’s time to leave, prepare for another conservative catholic—Amy Coney Barrett—to take her place. Now, that is a major middle finger to liberal America—and I very much look forward to the day where we can deliver it with pride in our MAGA gear.