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Well, if this admission is true, and there’s video, then we’ve confirmed what we’ve all known to be true deep down: that the FBI investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s (thus far) baseless and evidence-free allegations of sexual misconduct was just a tactic to block him at all costs. In the video, tweeted by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, you see Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaking at a town hall, where she mentions the video of spineless Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) being yelled at by protestors with ties to George Soros while he was standing in an elevator shortly before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote. 


It was after this that Flake decided to betray his party and side with Democrats on their push for an FBI investigation, despite the allegations having zero evidence and no witnesses. The sexual misconduct drama has thrust the whole nomination process into chaos. Flake did vote to advance the nomination to the Senate floor, like a good ole’ moderate. Advance the nomination, but allow the Left to continue their brutal character assassination campaign that will undoubtedly increase the odds that moderate Republicans will balk. It’s stupid. It’s what you’d expect from a weak, pathetic unpopular Republican senator who has long last figured out there is no room for him. Get the hell out, man! This is a street fight and you’re no wartime consigliere. 

This has always been a delay game. Democrats wanted the irrelevant documents relating to Kavanaugh’s time as White House Secretary under Bush. Now, they want an FBI investigation that will be inconclusive—they are by design—because it will just be a recorded rundown of the interviews they conduct. He said, she said in official form. Even Joe Biden noted the worthlessness of FBI reports when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct during the Clarence Thomas hearings. This has always been about running out the clock, increasing their position on the Hill, and blocking Kavanaugh. In a 60 Minutes interview, Flake noted that this nomination fight is tearing the country apart. Yeah, welcome to politics, pal. It’s two sides doing battle, especially in this fight, and Jeff Flake decided what was necessary to unite the country was to become a de facto Democrat and screw half the country that voted for the president. Joining the anti-Trump resistance will unite the country. Yeah, that sounds like the logic of a spineless moderate. If you can’t pick a side, get the hell out of our way. If you can’t pick a side, don’t get into politics.


But hey, Flake can sleep at night because, in his mind, he did the right thing by allowing the Left to deliver a week’s worth more of punches to Kavanaugh all while the rest of us know Democrats will call for another delay once the FBI submits their report. For liberals, it’s about stopping a conservative majority on the Court for the next generation. You think a weeklong delay is going to change their minds? Nope. They’ve decided this war plan months ago. For Republicans, we’re still trying to be honorable and nice to our enemies. It’s time to stop all of that. 

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